Chopped Liver?

Chopped liver is not something that I keep around.  Although I love it…it is beyond decadent as far as I am concerned.  We had a dinner party last night and I made some to serve on small crostinis.  I could just stand over the container with a spoon and eat away.

1 pound chicken livers

2 Vidalia onions chopped

6 eggs – hard boiled

1/2 stick unsalted butter

olive oil

6 Tbsp. cognac

In a frying pan melt 2 ounces of butter and coat with olive oil.  Sauce the onions on a medium heat until they are caramelized.  Takes about 10 minutes.  

I made the eggs in the morning.  While the onions are cooking chop up the eggs.  Really chop until you can't chop anymore. 

When the onions are done, add them to the eggs.  Toss some kosher salt in here and mix. 

In the pan that you sauteed the onions, add more olive oil and two more ounces of butter and then put in the liver.  Continue cooking the liver until you can't see any pink.  You can chop it up in the process with a wooden spoon.  Take the liver out and when it cools chop it up really fine like the eggs.  Then add to the onion/egg mixture.

After taking the liver out of the pan, put about 4 Tbsp of cognac in the pan and swirl on a medium heat.  You don't want to reduce it too much because it will evaporate in seconds.  Just enough to loosen what's left in the pan.  Now add this to the onion/egg/liver mixture.

The onion/egg/liver mixture needs to be mixed over and over until it is stuck together.  At this point I tasted it and added more salt and 2 more Tbsp of cognac.

Chill and let the flavors settle. 

Truly delicious.

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  1. Mike Hart

    From a liver lover, this looks fantastic!!