Hudson River Park Fall Fling

Images If you have never been to the Frying Pan on the Hudson and 26th Street, go check it out.  Quirky pier with an outdoor restaurant and bar.  Perfect place to have a drink in good weather and watch the sunset.  Down and dirty and cool at the same time.  This is the location that the Friends of Hudson River Park had their Fall Fling at last night. 

This non-profit organization is dedicated to making sure the Hudson River Park remains a park that works with the community.  The entire westside waterfront of New York City from Battery Park all the way up to 59th Street has been transformed.  Work is continuing every day.  It is truly incredible what has happened.  For a city that is surrounded by water, it has taken a long time to develop that area of our town.  Unfortunately public transportation doesn't spread its wings to that area but one step at a time. 

Last night, FOHRP honored Rich Caccappolo by giving him the community advocate award.  Rich is not only a great guy but his involvement from little league and soccer to the Coro Leadership Center to his dedication of making sure Pier 40 remains downtown's central park deserves praise.  As someone who lives downtown, Rich is a fixture in this community. 

It was really nice to be there last night.  As much as the village has changed, when you take a look at last night's event and the people that were there, it really hasn't changed at all.  Congratulations Rich!

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  1. rich caccappolo

    sincere thanks, GG. I really appreciated your attendance at the event and the kind words you wrote here truly mean a lot to me. It was extremely flattering to be honored and it was really fun to have so many of our fellow neighbors come out to the pier for a celebration of our great community.