the next food wave?

Images Last night I went to a food event that I can't write about.  Confidentiality forms signed, the whole nine yards.  It was an interesting evening but certainly the best part were the conversations had at the table.  I was with three people who really know the food business.  Dana Cowin, Food and Wine Editor, Amanda Hesser, Food52 and author of many books including The Essential New York Times Cookbook coming out this fall and Ben Leventhal of The Feast.  I love hearing them all talk about the food we ate but was really more fascinated talking about where the industry is going.  What is going to be the next food wave?

We all decided that foam and pork belly were over.  There are very few new high end restaurants, such as Marea, that have appeared on the scene because they are expensive and rarely is someone interested in backing that type of big idea these days.  When the most exciting food stories are about the best burger and crispiest pizza you wonder about the next generation of chefs.  After leaving the place where each chef honed their skills, making great burgers doesn't translate into something out of the box and inspirational. 

In the Amazon, where there is a plethora of fruits and vegetables that haven't made it to the tables across the world, perhaps that is an area that we can see new ideas but I don't see that happening anytime too soon.  Nobody at the table had been anywhere recently where they had seen something disruptive in the industry like David Chang did a few years back.  Although a few fantastic restaurants such as the Noma in Copenhagen which I have not been to but supposedly is incredible. The chef was here in NYC this summer cooking at Ko which I missed out on. 

Personally I believe we will see a time when building a better mousetrap works best.  Smaller restaurants that have really good food where people feel comfort in going to them.  Community is key.  Almost like Cheers.  Places where you feel at home.  As people are looking for comfort in a time when uncertainty is surrounding us, having an excellent bowl of pasta with a sauce that makes you grin might be where we are headed for a few years. 

Who knows.  Time will tell but it is always fun to try and figure out what's the next big thing. 

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  1. Ryan Drew

    Are you suggesting a contemporary Parisian bistro?Something similar to an upscale food + supper club? You pay $X/month for Y meals a month, and book by noon for a night when you want to eat at your market/restaurant.You can check the restaurant feed to see what meal is being planned and offer inputs and requests. Also, you can view who else will be eating there that night = cultivate friendships. Members at a communal table, vice two and four tops. Provide a postmortem menu (with ingredients) for diners to replicate. Sounds like a fantastic idea, if (small detail) the food is outstanding.

    1. Gotham Gal

      SO social media integrated into a bistro with an ever changing menu that you can actually give some input to that has delicious food?Sounds like my home kitchen at breakfast getting ready for dinner. Who will be home tonight and what are we thinking about for dinner?

  2. rebeccastees

    HOmeRoom for Mac and Cheese…

  3. rebeccastees

    On burgers, my friend just designed this new place in SF…

    1. Gotham Gal

      So great. I am going to try and get out to SF in November. Adding this tothe list.

        1. Gotham Gal


  4. Sunchowder

    How exciting! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall 🙂