the weekend wrap-up

Due to very early planning, I completely missed the boat on Yom Kippur this year.  A big shame on me. 

Last March we were with friends skiing and randomly purchased tickets to see Vampire Weekend for this past Friday night.  Wasn't checking the Jewish calendar, obviously.  Fred's family planned to have a birthday party for his Mom on Saturday months ago which sounded perfect.  Again, not checking the Jewish calendar.  Regardless of not sitting in services, atoning and fasting, I kept thinking about where I should have been and enjoyed the weekend as it was. 

On another note, our friend gave us Ween tickets on Friday night which I wasn't aware of until sometime mid-week.  Fred totally spaced on our Vampire Weekend tickets for Friday night.  So unaware that we couldn't find the tickets until we showed up at dinner and our friends had the tickets for us.  Good news is Josh took the Ween tickets and enjoyed himself. 

Friday night we had dinner at Ma Peche.  A constantly changing menu and always interesting.  One of the highlights Friday night was definitely the uni.  Pieces of uni with tiny pieces of apple and a citrus sauce.  Wow.  The one bite was like heaven.  Sorry for the blurry pic.

The concert was at Radio City.  Three bands that night.  We got there in time to see Beach House who has been top on my listening chart these days.  The main act was Vampire Weekend.  The first time we saw Vampire Weekend was at the Bowery Ballroom years ago and have continued to see them at different venues including an outdoor concert outside Paris.  I am impressed that they were able to sell out 3 nights at Radio City.  They have definitely grown-up.  They know how to put on a show in a large venue and the audience was thrilled. 

For the birthday party, we drove up to Highland Falls where Fred's brother lives.  We all brought food.  I made brownies (I thought I had posted them before but haven't so I will make them again and post) and a cauliflower/potato salad.  My brother-in-law made pulled pork that he had slow cooked in root beer for six hours.  It was awesome.  Who knew?  A really nice family event celebrating my mother-in-laws birthday.  Good genes, she looks great and has aged really well.  

We got back in time to catch a film.  We saw Leaves of Grass.  A silly film but the performance from Ed Norton playing a twin brother, the brilliant pot head and brilliant academic, is fantastic.  He is such a good actor.  The highlight is the cameo from Richard Dreyfus. 

On the way home we stopped by Zampa right off Hudson.  It is not easy finding a seat at a bar on Saturday night where the sound level is low.  A nice place.  Lots of wines by the glass.  We had a few appetizers.  Ricotta, spec and figs was one.  Three small toasts; one with tuna and spicy olive oil the other with chopped liver mixed with vin santo and asparagus with shaved pecorino and truffle oil.  The main course we split was a mushroom lasagna which just wasn't that great.  I'd stick with the tiny plates (cheeses and meats galore) and a few glasses of wine.  

Today is a total catch-up.  Need stuff framed, need to clean up my email, need to clean up my desk, need to get to Citarella.  Lucky, I made dinner was made a few nights ago.  Brisket.  Then another week begins…

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  1. RichardF

    midweek!….you need to keep a better eye on your husband’s blog 🙂 (sorry Fred)

    1. Gotham Gal

      Whoops. I admit, I don’t always read every comment.

  2. Cecelia feld

    At our temple (reform) one of the rabbis talked about looking forward, not back. Good advice.I’m sure you’ll sync your calendars for next year.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Always looking forward.