Women2_logo-1 Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Shaherose
Charania.  She is the co-founder of
women 2.0 located in Silicon Valley. 
Shaherose was asking the question that so many women are asking these
days, “Where are all the women in tech start-ups?”

The mission of Women 2.0 is to increase the amount of women in technology start-ups.  They do that with knowledge. 
In essence, Women 2.0 is an eschool.  E for entrepreneur. 
They have created a 5 week, 5 days a week incubator for designers,
engineers, marketers and business people. 

Conceptually each group coming out of the five-week program
will feed off each other and a start-up will emerge.  Giving people the tools to understand what it
takes to start a business. 

I think of it like a Media Bistro model geared  towards
launching careers in the entrepreneurial side of technology world. 

Shaherose, who has been involved with more than a handful of
start-ups, understands the ups and downs of the start-up world.  She gets excited when she sees knew
ideas come out of Women 2.0.  Not
only geared towards women but geared towards both women and men working
together.  It is about more women in the market place not only women in the marketplace because women provide a balance and ideas that come from a different viewpoint than their male counterparts. 

Certainly the founders get excited when one of the groups
that come through their program get funded but they don’t get a
piece of that business, they just get satisfaction at hopefully seeing more
women get involved in the entrepreneurial arena. 

Don’t be surprised to see an Eschool coming to more
technology hubs around the world soon.  

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