a day in austin before the festival

We opted to spend some time in Austin yesterday before getting out to the festival.  Lots of bands we wanted to see but we have seen so many of them that getting out there later just seemed like the better thing to do.  Fred and I got up and went to Halycon for breakfast.  Good food and really good coffee.  Think we might return for breakfast there today. 

Then we made our way up South Congress until we found a space and parked.  Our first outing had to be at Allen's.  Not sure you could find a store like Allen's anywhere else but Texas.  Filled with Stetsons and boots.  Josh and Max tried on some hats.  This might be my favorite picture of the entire trip. 

Our next stop next door was the costume shop.  You can rent or buy.  They take their costumes really seriously here.  Very organized and loaded to the gills.  Emily got a princess costume for Halloween, tiara and gloves…the whole works.  Josh tried on a gorilla costume which was hilarious but no pics.  Totally get it.  People would just run around and try on stuff while their friends took pictures. At this point Josh, Max and Fred went back to the hotel to watch some football while the girls marched onward.

Next to that is a store called Unusual Objects.  You could easily spend hours in here.  A mixture of, well, unusual objects.  25 vendors who have come together under one roof.  Vintage and funky.  We loved this store.  This guy was hanging out in front of the store making jewelry.  Been here since 1976.

Mighty cone
We went across the street to check out the flea market that also had a few food trucks.  Food trucks are huge here.  The Mighty Cone was also out at the fair grounds. 

Might cone 1
We all split one cone.  Hot and crunchy shrimp and avacado cone.  Deep fried and crispy piece of shrimp and avacado rolled up in a tortilla with cole slaw and a spicy sauce on top.  Yum. 

Continued onward and stopped by Cutie Pie.  Loved how designed their truck.  Small pies. 

Luckily we got to taste and didn't need to purchase a whole one.  Buttermilk was really good but the mixed berry was amazing.

The Candy Shop is like something from out of another era.  The smell of chocolate and candies hits you the minute you open the door.  There have a lot of candies in there that are from years ago that are not easy to find. 

Down the block is Fran's Burgers.  Talk about stepping back in time. 

We split a cheeseburger.  Good fast food basically.

These adorable girls were selling lemonade for Haiti along with rocks that are carved in Haiti to raise money.  Had to support their cause.

The street is filled with parking lots that have more food buses and flea market wares. 

Amy's is the ice cream to get when you are in Austin.  It reminds me of Steve's in Boston.  The original mix-in with homemade ice cream.

We had a small cup of Mexican vanilla mixed with strawberries.  Wow.

Last two shops were Turqoise Door.  And Blackmail.  This sign in the store might easily be hanging out in my closet at home.

Out to the festival.  A bottle of wine to enjoy the last show.  I love how they sell this.  We sat on the lawn and just listened to the closing show of Norah Jones.  We saw the Flaming Lips, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros earlier in the day.  I would have done the National for my last show but Emily and Lizzie wanted to chill to Norah.  I've seen the National a few times so I went with them. 

It was a great way to end the 3 days at ACL. 


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  1. Cookiemoo

    Billy Martin’s Western Wear on Third Ave. sells Stetsons and exotic western boots (but they’re not friendly like down in Texas).

  2. Pru Borland

    I think the store on S Congress is called Uncommon Objects – not Unusual Objects. Fun place!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I think you are right. Amazing place

  3. rachel

    Have been meaning to go to Austin for the food…you’ve totally inspired me. I could skip the music and just keep eating.

    1. Gotham Gal

      A great town. Go!