abc kitchen

ABC Kitchen is a Jean Georges restaurant committed to local and organic ingredients.  We went last night. 
You enter the restaurant on 18th street into a large long bar area.  Many high tables for eating in the bar area too.  All white with low lighting.  The place almost sparkles.  The restaurants has high ceilings and is filled with light country furniture.  Even the plates are mixture of different china patterns left over from Grandma's cabinet.  At the birds eye view the place is white and chic but at ground level there is a country feeling.  An interesting mix.  Like a fancy country home. 

We went there around 730 and people were late so we didn't get sit until around 8pm.  The place was half empty at this point.  We were in the back room and all the tables for 2 and 3 were not filled.  Yet when we left the place around 1030 the main room was packed.  

Spinach goat
The menu is large.  I ordered a few things for the table for our appetizers so we all got to taste.  We began with two pizzas all pizzas have whole wheat crust.  The tomato buffalo mozzarella and basil pizza wasn't great.  Sliced into 6 pieces and some of the pieces didn't have any cheese on it.  The spinach goat cheese and herbs pizza was excellent. 

Fluke sashimi with sliced grapes, sea salt and tarragon.  Personally I don't like tarragon. 

Tuna sashimi marinated with ginger and mint.  Yummy but strange presentation.

Carrots salad
Roast carrot and avocado salad, crunchy seed and sour cream was quite good and interesting combo of flavors.  We also had a shaved raw zucchini salad with parmesan dressing.  Well done.

Pretzel dusted calamari with a marinara and mustard aioli was perfect and crunchy.

Peekytoe crab toast.  Nice way to start the meal.  I really loved the mixture of roasted beets with a homemade yogurt. 

Main courses were mixed.  I had the lamb chops that were really delicious but for two lambs chops, $37.  That just seems a little high.  I got the sauteed corn with cheese, jalapenos and lime for the side.  Very heavy handed.

Cheeseburger looks beautiful although I didn't taste.  I did taste the fries and they were perfect and addictive.  Crispy organic chicken, arctic char and halibut were some of the dishes around the table although I didn't get a chance to taste.

Dessert were mixed too.  Pumpkin spice cake was light and interesting. 

Concord grape and almond tart was just strange. 

The sundae was top. 

Nice night, lots of wine and a mixture of food.  I can't decide if I dig the whole vibe there.  It is nice to know that there are plenty of seats at the bar for walk-ins and they are open for lunch.  Next time I will go for lunch.  A nice addition to the neighborhood. 

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  1. Ghorwood

    I went with an old friend for lunch. We found the food delicious but the attitude over the top. I’m in no rush to go back.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Ha! Attitude is tough particularly these days. Be thrilled you have patrons every damn day.

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