birthday celebration

yesterday was my birthday.  heard from many people which always makes for a nice day.  i started the celebration on sunday.  each year my best friend and i celebrate each others birthdays by planning something special for the other.  she took it to a new level this year.  we spent the night at a hotel on the upper east side, the mark.  what's nice about the city is spending an evening in a different part of town is like taking a mini-vacation. 

after checking in at the hotel, our afternoon activity was to see the social network movie.  the movie is really well done but knowing that the majority of the movie isn't true makes it hard to get past.  regardless that the movie that will be seen nationwide that represents a phenomena that has touched everyone of our lives tells a story that isn't what really happened.  the movie makes mark zuckerberg look like a major selfish asshole.  i don't know mark personally but he is one helluva an entrepreneur.  he built facebook because he wrote it, he conceived it and he changed the way that we socialize.  facebook is one of the most disruptive technological changes over the past 10 years and making a movie that makes zuckerberg look like an ass is disrespectful.  enough on that subject.

we discussed the movie over drinks at the bar and dinner at the mark hotel.  just a really nice leisurely afternoon and evening.  had breakfast in the morning and strolled a little bit on the upper east side stopping into a few stores.  i spent the rest of the day cleaning my desk, making meatballs for the kids and cookies for tonight's 9th grade potluck.  i couldn't be happier.

fred and i went out for dinner last night at 11 madison.  i love that place.  we stopped by jeffreys grocery, gabe stulmans latest enterprise, on the way to dinner.  we are investors in all of gabe's place ( one more coming this november ) and feel incredibly lucky to be part of his ever growing empire.  he is smart, charming, dedicated and has unbelievable taste.  the place looks fantastic.  come by and have breakfast, lunch or dinner…and if you need a few items for the kitchen you can pick up fresh vegetables, fruit, chocolates, meat, cheese and a box of cheerios.  hurry because my gut tells me that within a week it will be hard to get in the door for dinner. 

dinner was amazing.  another post just on our meal.  another birthday passed.  strange how that happens.  i really love just where i am in my life right now.  the kids are at a great age and i have no desire to go back and relive the diaper years. we are entering another stage of our life and i am just going to enjoy the moment. 

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