Second day of Austin City Limits

Emily believe it or not was supposed to take her SAT2 in Austin this morning.  Yes, the College Board in all their wisdom scheduled SAT's to be taken around the country on Columbus Day weekend.  Unfortunately we forgot her passport (ID).  Her wallet was stolen and so no license and the school has not issued the student ID's yet.  I had someone scan her passport and send me a jpeg which I had printed out and that with her medical card was all we had.  Not good enough for the college board even though Fred spoke well probably yelled to someone on site from the college board on the phone.  It is the rules they say.  She must have a physical id not a copy.  Who made up the rule of having college boards taken on a holiday weekend?  I hate the college boards.  Yet we managed to move on.  This pic is Emily with her friend Lizzie and Josh with his friend Max who came with us. 

Eggs ciscos
Breakfast began at Cisco's.  A total dive with a good mexican breakfast.  I went with the chorizo and eggs.

Ems tacos
Since Emily had breakfast at 630am she opted for lunch.  Chicken tacos.  Yum. 

Breakfast ends
You can see we all polished off quite the meal.  We didn't eat again until dinner at 1030.

Sweet tea
Out to the festival.  Sweet Tea is definitely a fave to keep us cooled down.

It is hot out there in the fields and people just lay down and nap.

Here is our security guard at one of the backstages.  This woman was a hoot. 

My favorite band of the day, hands down, was LCD Soundsystem.  James Murphy is the man behind LCD Soundystem.  All the other players in the band are studio musicians that he picks up along the way.  He is wildly talented.

Love his red socks.

After the show, the kids and I went back to the hotel for a shower before going to dinner.  The rest of the crew stayed to see MUSE.  Dinner was at Curra's Grill.  We dined on the front porch.  A total dive with some amazing food.  First round called for tequilla shots. 

Second round was nachos.  Pulled beef under that cheese.  Absolutely delicious.

This is a selection of the sauces that are available.  One is better than the next. 

Avacado mar
A speciality is avacado marguritas.  Just one sip, one taste was plenty.  Weird and rich.

I went for the classic margurita.

For dinner I had the pescado veracruzano.  Snapper smothered with onions, tomatoes, green olives, mushrooms, bell peppers and capers.  This was amazing.  I made sure people tasted it.  Sweet and sour with a kick at the same time.  I'd love this recipe.  Fantastic!  FYI – dinner for 12…$250.

Home to bed to recharge the batteries for Day 3.


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  1. rebeccastees

    Love your humor though it all.I’m so curious about all those sauces and avocado marg!I’m sure it would turn me into a napper.