seventh year anniversary of blogging

Today marks my seventh year anniversary as a blogger.  Seven years is a long time for anything. 

The revolution in the tech industry that began way more than seven years ago has changed the way we communicate in every single aspect of our daily lives.  That life change has permeated into all walks of life throughout the world.  We are going through a global change with no clear end in site of where we end up. Change is also becoming more rapid. I feel blessed to be a part of the changes taking place. 

In my small corner where I get to communicate with people through my blog, meet and greet people and if the stars align do business together.  I always thought that blogging would take me somewhere but I just didn't know where.  The haze has burned off and there is no doubt that blogging has introduced me to a community of interesting people around the world.  It has also helped me re-enter the working world in my own terms.  

Today might mark the seventh anniversary but tomorrow begins the eighth year and I am looking forward to that and the next path it leads me to.