The Jewish Museum, Shifting the Gaze, Painting and Feminism

Tri_49131_2001-86 Saw a fantastic exhibit at the Jewish Museum today.  Small and powerful. 

The exhibit is broken into six separate sections.  Self-expression, decoration, the body, writing, politics and satire.  There are about 3-5 pieces in each section.  No pictures but I will share the highlights.

When you first enter the show there is a piece on the wall with an orange on the sedar plate.  The saying goes that a woman on the bima is as strange as an orange on the sedar plate.  In essence the painting is about feminism, self-expression.  The other piece in this area is a piece by Cary Leibowitz that says "I'm A Jew How Bout U!".  Hilarious.  Rosalyn Drexler has a piece called "Is it True what they Say About Dixie" which is layered newspaper cut outs and painting over the characters who were involved with the Birmingham riots of 1963. It is fantastic.

As you enter around the corner there is a piece by Joyce Kozloff called Naming.  She took an old map of NYC and drew woman's names for the street names.  She says that I've noticed that whoever names things has power.  I've noticed when I travel, that streets are always named after men.  I've changed that." Wendy Wasserstein, Barbra Streisand are a few of the street names from Kozloff.

Going into the decoration there is an embroidery sampler by Elaine Reichek that says "If you think you can be a little Jewish, you think can be a little pregnant".  Made me laugh out loud.

A really great show.  Well curated.  Fantastic art and I love the size.  Take the journey to 92nd and Fifth…it is worth it. 





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  1. rebeccastees

    it seems like a whimsical day!

  2. Custom Painting

    Thanks a lot for sharing us. Your experience of Jewish Museum is really superb……

  3. CCjudy

    wish we could get that at Contemporary Jewish Museum in SF…

    1. Gotham Gal

      Out of all the museums in NYC, the Jewish museum is one of my faves. They consistently put on amazing shows. For a small place it packs a powerful punch!