the meadow

Yesterday I met my sister and father at Jeffreys Grocery for lunch.  The newest restaurant of Gabe Stulman…well actually it is a marketplace.  Produce, products and a variety of pantry filling items in the front and a communal table and bar in the back.  You can order on line too and have food delivered if you are in the vicinity.  Lucky for me, I am in the vicinity.  I didn't take pictures of my food…sorry.  In full disclosure we are investors in Jeffreys.  Gabe is still working through some of the kinks.  You can see him writing notes on a group of papers in his pocket.  I highly recommend the sandwiches.  The pork sandwich and brisket sandwich is killer.

Afterward we strolled around the West Village and came across The Meadow.  A new store that opened about three days ago located at 523 Hudson Street.  Interesting concept.  They carry salt, chocolate, wine and flowers.  The salt is from all over the world.  All different in flavor, all work differently on certain food.  I am having a dinner party this week and bought some salt that might work with a specific dish.  The salts are beautiful.  They also have salt bars.

This picture of the chocolate wall defines what they do.  I picked up a jar of salted caramel sauce which looks delicious.  Have yet to open it.

They also sell bitters and are continuing to bring in new products in this area.  The main store is out of Portland, Oregon. 

Nice addition to the neighborhood. 

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