a woman entrepreneur…jilarious

6a00d8345200d669e20133ec5c8cdb970b-500wi Jill has been an entrepreneur for a long time.  She has started many businesses and once again is reinventing herself with a new business.  I doubt you will find Jill hanging out at the "tech" cocktail parties and networking events any night of the week because she has two teenage kids and quite frankly that is her number one priority. 

Jill followed my travels through Paris and was intrigued by a gnome that Josh had purchased at an art gallery.  There was an original piece that Josh did not get but a duplication that the artist had made to sell at a reasonable price to get art into the hands of the masses.  Think 20 X 200

The artist, Ottmar Horl, had actually commented on my post and through that comment Jill contacted him.  Ottmar passed Jill on to his wife, the business partner and she negotiated a contract to distribute these gnomes in the US.  Currently Jill sells the gnomes on her site and in a few stores in NYC.  Fantastic holiday gift. 

Not only do I love love love this story but as the conversations are flying around the web about why aren't there more women entrepreneurs in tech perhaps there are more women entrepreneurs that are using tech as a platform but aren't on anyone else's radar.