calla english toffee

When I got home today there was a box from South Dakota addressed to Fred and me.  Huh?  I opened it up and saw the note, a thank you, and looked inside the box.  Calla English Toffee made from our friends mom.  Who knew. 

Calla English Toffee is a serious treat.  Hand made from start to finish.  Sweet and buttery and just divine.  What I love about it is not only how delicious it tastes but that someone is doing what they love and putting out small unique boxes of English toffee in their community.  An artisinal product. 

As more and more online food entities, such as Food52 and Foodzie, are sourcing more companies like Calla from their readers, the better it is for everyone.  Small companies grow and reach out to people like me who not only want special goodies in their pantry, we want to support companies like Calla.

YUM!!  A win win all around. 

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Sunchowder

    I love to see this too!

  2. john

    Made from your friends mom? That’s truly artisanal!

  3. Naren

    I ordered the $55 gift pack and received them today

    1. Gotham Gal

      excellent! i just ordered a gift for someone too. truly amazing that youhave to write them a check in this day and age but on the other hand thereis something almost charming about it.