Frankie’s Cookbook

I've been to Frankies and I have been to Prime Meats.  I loved them both.  The best news is that Frankies is opening a new restaurant in my neighborhood sometime this spring.  They will be in two boroughs.  That is big. 

I met Frank Falcinelli at the Eater awards.  We had a good laugh that we might have been the two oldest people in the room.  He sent me The Frankies Spuntino cookbook and a bottle of Frankies olive oil.

As much as I have attempted to pair down my cookbook collection, I now have an addition to the group.  Lots of praise has been written for the book and I know now why.  The recipes are simple and easy.  The advice from oils to cheese and to what pots to keep in the drawers is spot on.  Written very tongue and cheek which I like.

I might have to consider which book to retire as this one is an absolute keeper.  Oh, and the olive oil…delicious. 

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  1. Peter

    Sounds like you might not realize that they’ve been in two boroughs for a couple years now. There’s a Frankie’s down on the Lower East Side — on Clinton Street if I recall correctly.

    1. Gotham Gal

      you are absolutely right. my bad.