If You Knew Suzy

Images My friend recommended reading If You Knew Suzy:  A Mother, A Daughter, A Reporter's Notebook by Katherine Rosman and so I picked it up.  I believe that I sobbed through half the book. 

Rosman's mother died of lung cancer at the young age of 60.  After her death, Rosman chose to write a book about her mother as a journalist researching someones life not as a daughter.  What she wrote is a beautiful memoir about Suzy.  A mother, a pilates instructor, a friend, a mentor, a determined and layered woman whose life impacted many people around her.  An extraordinary life. 

The book is extremely personal and honest.  Life is for the living.  Everyone grieves differently.  Dealing your emotions after losing a love one is not easy no matter what your relationship is.  Rosman uses this book to grieve, to reflect and to connect with the past and in many ways to help navigate her own future. It is about love, loss and the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters.

                                                      A book absolutely worth reading.