Keste Pizza

In college, I lived with someone who consumed pizza daily.  Those were the days when pizza was heavy and laden with fat and calories.  A lot has changed in the pizza market since then.  There is nothing quite as delicious as warm pizza fresh out of the oven that not only tastes delicious but has the freshest ingredients possible.  Those are the pizzas that are tasty, not too high in calories generally made in a wood burning oven and just good. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch at Keste with the owner.  If you happen to be looking for top notch pizza and a yearning to be in Italy, step right into Keste.  Everyone seems to know each other and the pizzas are insanely good.  Made in a custom built oven (electric believe it or not) just like the ones you would find in Rome.  An added bonus is the ingredients are flown in from Italy every week. 

I figured we would have a nice lunch and split one pizza.  If I had known how many pizzas I was going to taste, I would have paced myself.  Alas.  We started with the classic.  Mozzarella, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, basil.  The key here is the dough.  I couldn't stop eating the dough.  Soft and a bit crusty with loads of flavor.  I could keep a roll of this dough in my refrigerator permanently and just toss it in the oven for a warm bread stick.  Wow.

Next out was their signature pizza.  Prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula, tomato sauce and shaved Parmesan.  I love this pizza.  Very little sauce and the other ingredients just pop. 

The chef came out to meet me.  I so wish I had taken a picture of his hands.  They were the most incredible hands I have ever seen.  I can't stop thinking about them.  His hands are like ham hocks.  Larger than normal like The Hulk.  Yet soft and supple and mushy like a babies belly.  No wonder the pizzas are brilliant.  He made me a special pie.  Mozzarella and a hint of gorgonzola with figs and prosciutto.  OMG.

Last out was the coup de grace.  I wish I had room left to eat more.  Pizza dough stuffed with nutella that was oozing out on all ends with powdered sugar over the top.  This is a serious decadent treat.

In all honesty, I couldn't stop eating the crust and the pizzas so in the end my dinner last night consisted of two glasses of red wine and that was enough.  I asked Josh and Emily if they had ever been to Keste.  They hadn't but heard it was amazing.  Enough said. 

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  1. William Mougayar

    I love this place. I went there twice already and met the owner. He even gave me a bag of Caputo flour (which I can’t buy in small quantities in Canada)!Joanne- this is the place I mentioned to you last year at the Donnors Choose event. They make the best Neapolitan style pizza.

    1. Gotham Gal

      ah. he gave me the flour too. the xx flour is the best for pizza dough.

  2. Traceydjackson

    In my next life I’m coming back as you. I love how you eat and then share it……

    1. Gotham Gal

      ha! the first thing i thought when i woke up this morning is, i need tostop eating so much.

  3. Tracey Jackson

    In my next life I’m coming back as you. I love how you eat and then share it.

  4. maverickny

    Oh heaven and they have even gluten free pizzas on Mondays and Thursdays. This is just the excuse I need to pop over to the city for a birthday pie tomorrow, can’t wait!Thanks for sharing, Joanne. I really miss Neapolitan pies, these look fantastic 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      enjoy the pizza and the birthday!

  5. kskobac

    Keste is by far the best Naples-style pizza in NYC… that is an awesome tasting experience to have! Ate one of their special imported buffalo mozzarella topped pizzas once with sweet tomatoes, and it’s the pizza experience I judge all others against.

  6. michaelgalpert

    OMG!Whenever Im remotely near Keste’s I try and eat a meal there.Definitely my fave pizza place in nyc

    1. Gotham Gal

      So good. Let’s dine together