return to Babbo

I have eaten at Babbo many times over the years since the doors first opened.  I have had some unbelievable meals there and I have had some okay meals.  Last night I returned with two friends, Carole and Sarah, and we had an amazing meal (I'd put up their pic but the one I took was terrible).  Not sure how often Mario runs the kitchen there these days but the chef who is there every day is doing a killer job.  The place is still packed, people are happy, the food is fantastic, and the music still rocks.  Truly…a New York institution. 

I started with the scallop crudo.  Nice plumpy scallops with slices of celery and a nice little hint of citrus. My friends had a big green salad and a salami rounds with toasted bread.

A treat came out of the kitchen.  I highly recommend ordering this.  It is a total drop jaw.  Think of an Italian empanada.  Oozing Italian cheese with herbs inside a delicate savory pastry pie over sauteed winter vegetables.  Once it is served, they bring over a special honey that has very little sugar imported from somewhere in Italy drizzled over the top.  They might want to consider keeping this on the menu permanently.  Woah.

For dinner, I went with the veal chop.  Smothered with porcini mushrooms and a black truffle vinaigrette.  Perfect. 

Carole had the lasagna.  Pasta is always good at Babbo.

Sarah had the pork chop.  Looks delicious.

We were so stuffed that dessert wasn't an option.  Not that we didn't gobble up this cookie plate before leaving.  Such a great time.  I am definitely not letting as much time pass before getting back to Babbo.  Yum!


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  1. ellen

    all I can say is how do you keep your slender figure after that meal. The veal chop is unbelieveable- looking.

    1. Gotham Gal

      God knows. Exercise?