another night of parties and joseph leonard returns!

Another night of parties which means eating and drinking.  I am glad that this is the finale.  We started at the Fred's Christmas party.  A few drinks, a few conversations and off to the next event.

Four Square, Curbed and Hard Candy Shell do a combo party every year.  They all share office space so why not have a joint party.  The space is the old club space behind the Bowery.  It's a great spot for a party.  The place was packed and the DJ was really good.

When we entered the space we had to tell them our names because there was a list.  You had to RSVP.  My level of tolerance is quite low these days.  It was freezing outside and we were waiting to tell them our name as these four guys in front of us, who did not RSVP, were amazed that they weren't on the list.  We finally get in and I say to the women with the list my name.  She looks at me and says "oh, you are Fred Wilson's wife".  I couldn't help myself, my reaction was quick.  "Are you fucking kidding me"?  If she had said, oh you are Jessica, Emily and Josh's mom, I'd be okay with that.  In fact, I'd love that.  But after all these years, as much as I adore my husband, being referred to as his wife is certainly not my lot in life. 

I had received a tweet earlier in the day from Kate Roseman who wrote If You Knew Suzy.  She read my review sent me a tweet.  I replied to her how much I loved the book.  Ends up she works with someone I work with and I found out before getting to the party through an email.  My friend, who sent me the email, is at the party with Kate.  This all happened in less than 6 hours.  Small world.  I had the pleasure of chatting for awhile with Kate.  If you haven't read the book, pick it up.

Next stop, Joseph Leonard.  It seems like a ridiculously long time although it has only been a few months that Joseph Leonard has been closed due to an electrical fire.  Last night it reopened and the place was packed.  Standing room only.  The food might be back even better than ever.  The menu was small because they literally got everything up and running around 2am the night before but you will see a larger menu in the next few days.  Also, breakfast and lunch will be up and running in the next day or so.  Happy to have my favorite brussels sprouts back.  Everything was excellent.  The chicken and the fish were perfect.  Supposedly the short ribs are killer but eating short ribs at 11pm is not something I need to do.

A long night, a fun night and really nice to see many faces before the New Year…and having Joseph Leonard reopen was absolutely the best part!

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  1. Erin Newkirk

    So exciting about Joseph Leonard! Thanks for the update. Dreaming of their egg + cheese…