Coffee Bar, Tel Aviv

Since we literally flew into Tel Aviv from the Golan Heights, got rooms, took showers, and ran out for dinner, we were thrilled to get a reservation anywhere.  We had dinner at the Coffee Bar which is a bistro.  Perfect change of pace from what we have been eating.

The food was just fine.  My guess is you probably can't go wrong.  Nothing over the top but nothing bad.

I started with a yellowtail carpacchio with a spicy yogurt sauce and microgreens over the top.  They love yogurt on everything in Israel.

The boys did the classic tomato and mozzarella salad.

Em went with a warm goat cheese salad.  Love how they served the goat cheese.  Warmed on top of a round bread box and then over greens.  Great presentation.

For dinner, I went with the easy grilled chicken.  Perfectly cooked, simple and light.

Josh had the pasta with a red meat sauce which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Fred and Jess went with the sea bream.  I missed the pic.

Bottom line, we are thrilled to be in Tel Aviv.