David Tower Museum and dinner

King david
As a rule, I do not like touristy things but last night we did one anyhow. We went to the David Tower light-show.  The good news is that the show only lasts about 40 minutes. 

Everyone is seated outside inside the David Tower which is spectacular at night.  Then over the course of 40 minutes there is a light show projected on the walls inside the tower.  The show told the story through music, graphics and actors (no words) of the history of Jerusalem.  It was a little bit like being at Disneyland.  What I really want to know is how much it cost them to create the light show, who is behind it, who did they negotiate with (and pay) in order to put this show on a few times every night eternally ( as far as I can see ) and considering the staff is minimal and the show has already been created at what point are they just putting away the cash. 

We were out with another family so we broke into 3 cabs to get to the Colony Restaurant.  Fred and I got in a cab where the driver must have been new to Jerusalem.  Not an easy city to get around.  Someone actually said to us the other night that the mayor of Jerusalem probably doesn't even know all the streets.  The cab got lost and I went nuts.  Just like a true NYer.  We had Google maps and kept telling him what to do and where to go and I kept asking him if he knew what the hell he was doing while he rode around in circles.  The whole thing was hilarious.  We finally got to the restaurant fifteen minutes after everyone else. 

Lamb kabobs
Colony is located down an obscure street which appears to look like a driveway.  No wonder the driver was lost. The restaurant itself is funky and ecclectic inside.  But the food is just not that good.  I won't even post what everyone had.  From salads to pasta to fish to meat…nothing was that great.  I had the lamb kabobs which were more like lamb falafel and basically inedible.  I ate one and just bagged the rest of the meal. 

Fred had the lamb stew which was pretty good.  The presentation was nice with the light bread crust over the top and the lamb stew in the ceramic bowl.  Otherwise the appetizers were just not that good.  Fred ordered the best thing on the menu.  If you are planning a trip, take the Colony off the list.

We got back really late.  Best part of the evening was definitely meeting up with our friends for the night who got to experience the Disneyland light show and mediocre food with us.

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  1. Kelley Boyd @msksboyd

    I hate to waste my opportunities for joy. The Colony, erased.

  2. Chefadom1

    Dear Joan:First of all let me introduce my self, my name is Michael Katz I am the executive chef of group Adom which includes under its umbrella restaurant Adom, Lavan in the cinimateque ,Kahnale and Colony.I have read the review posted on Gothamgal blog I take this critic very seriously and personally especially being the head of the kitchens and mainly because after feeding 36000 people a month in 4 venues people do not always bother to inform me /us about good experience and/or bad ones, so when a bad comment, review or feed back comes to me- first of all i would like to apologise on my behalf and my team for not satisfying your needs and that you left us with bad memories, please if by any chance you are back in Israel please contact me personally I will make it up to you and find a way to fix the impression you have of our restaurant Colony.thank you very much for your time and attention and i am looking forward to hear from youin this occasion let me wish you and you family Happy Holidays!!Best regards Michael Katz

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks for the comment Michael. totally appreciate it. when I return toisrael, which hopefully will be sooner than later, i will let you know.