Mahneyuda Restaurant, Jerusalem

The chefs
Every single person I spoke to about going to Jerusalem recommended going to Mahneyuda for dinner.  It is supposedly the hottest place in town recently opened in 2009 by three local chefs; Uri, Papi and Buffalo.  Located near the Mahane Yehuda markets on a sloped street in a random building. 

They designed the restaurant around the kitchen.  Basically at any table except for one or two upstairs in the back, you can watch what goes on in the kitchen. 
The restaurant itself is a mixture of furniture, kitchen towels for napkins, a mishmash of dinner plates and this pop-up vibe.  Hands down the best meal we had in Jerusalem.  Some of the dishes were outrageously delicious.  There is the one drawback, even for my kids, the music situation.  The music is so unbelievably loud and bad that is it a total bummer.  Just seriously bad pop music.  At the beginning it is entertaining to watch the staff clap and dance around but after a while you just hit the wall and having a conversation is impossible.  

Sashimi uri style
We started with some small ones, Sashimi Uri Style.  Keep in mind the menu changes nightly.  Thinly sliced white fish mixed with radishes, kiwi, a green peppers, pomegranate seeds and a light vinaigrette over the top.  Excellent combo of flavors and really fresh.

Yellowtail tataki
The other small was a yellowtail tataki.  Seared pieces of yellowtail paired with small cubes of avocado, a green sauce and slices of strawberry.  The sweet fruit of the strawberry with the soft nuggets of avacado worked really well together. 

The chef brought out Hamshuka with is their own version of hummus and meat.  Pan fried ground beef mixed together with hummus and a sour cream.  Their version of nachos without the chips.  Delicious.

I ordered the polenta for the table.  I love how it came in a glass jar.  This was beyond delicious.  Rich creamy polenta mixed together with buttery mushrooms, thin slices of asparagus and pieces of Parmesan layered over the top.  We could have each had our own jar.   Outrageous.

Indulge burks
Jessica had the Indulge Burks for her starter.  Pickled fish with greens that looks like Italian parsley and the yolk of an egg and this interesting sauce.  I just tasted it at the end.  It was really strange but somehow it so worked.  It was excellent.

Autumn salad
Fred went with the Autumn Salad.  A mixture of greens with pears, cheese of the day and a light vinaigrette.  This didn’t do it for either of us.  Strange flavors in the sauce.  Left a strange taste in your mouth.

Salmon cap
A few of us ordered the salmon carpaccio for the first course.  This was served in large silver bowls that I use for prep at home.  I got a kick out of the presentation.  Then a small sauce comes on the side which is a warm vinegar.  This was delicious.  The warmth of the sauce poured over the cold raw salmon just before eating worked really well in my mouth.

Shrimp ravioli
Josh had shrimp ravioli.  3 large raviolis stuffed chopped shrimp and a mixture of vegetables.  This was the point where we were all getting a little drained from the music situation.

Beef fillet
Em went with the Beef Fillet.  Tasty buttery beef served with roasted potatoes with a nice light lemon butter drizzled over the top.  Only problem, garlic central.  What’s up with all those cloves?

Fred had the sea bream.  Filleted pieces of sea bream served with a Buffalo yogurt burned onion and tahini sauce over the top.   Very middle eastern in taste.

Yelowtail black risotto with mussels
I had risotto.  A large piece of pan fried yellowtail served over an al dente black ink risotto that was mixed with whole shrimp, pieces of crab and chopped mussels.  The risotto was delicious.  The fish on top was not necessary.  After a few bites, I hit the wall.  The risotto I couldn't stop eating even though I hit the wall because it was just so damn good.

We passed on dessert much to their chagrin so they brought us out a Malabi, the ultimate beach dessert.  A flan with a strawberry gel on top topped with crushed pistachios.  It was awesome.  With 5 spoons we devoured it and walked outside into the cool noiseless air. 

Fantastic food.  We all breathed a huge sigh of relief when we left. I only wish they’d turn down the music and perhaps change the station.







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  1. Yule Heibel

    Interesting about the music volume. Sometimes I think it’s just me (creeping curmudgeon-ism as I age), but the other day a 20-something friend (who asked me out for coffee) suggested a walk around the block because the volume (TV on the Radio, not bad otherwise) was driving HIM nuts. We couldn’t have a conversation indoors with music that loud, and it was easier to talk over the noise of *traffic*!! I’ve noticed that I just can’t afford to *scream* for hours on end either: it kills my throat.What ever happened to intimate conversation in third places?

    1. Gotham Gal

      LOL. I don’t mind the music but it is all relative to what it is and howloud it is. I prefer music in restaurants because it certainly creates anambiance but this restaurant was creating something that even my kidscouldn’t wrap their arms around.

  2. yumtacos

    Do they have a website or take reservations online? I’m in the US but will be in Jsalem soon and would like to visit…

    1. Gotham Gal

      have your concierge make them if you are staying in a hotel

      1. yumtacos

        Am staying in a rental … I have looked everywhere and can’t find an email address anywhere.