Mul Yam

We took two cabs over to Mul Yam last night even though we could have walked.  Opted for walking home only since we had basically walked all day.  The kids cab took them to the door.  Our cab decided we were idiots (and so we were) and took us to a location where we had to walk another 10 minutes.  Humph!

Mul Yam is supposedly the best restaurant in Israel that is based on awards, write-ups etc.  A small restaurant located in the port area enclosed with glass all the way around. Simple in feel but the food is sublime.  Everything we ate was delicious and carefully prepared.  The menu is not large but a few specials every evening. Impressive. 

Here is the run down.  Emily began with an artichoke fondue.  Artichoke hearts roasted and piled up high sitting in gruyere cheese.  What can you say about this?  It was rich but not too rich, decadent and delicious.

Josh went with the King salmon.  Medium rare sliced pieces of salmon sitting over a mixture of tiny pieces of chopped green onions and enyoki mushrooms topped with thin slices of fresh vegetables with an Asian sauce.  Light, perfectly cooked and just the right hand for the sauce.

The rest of us went with the tuna.  Chopped raw yellowfin tuna served with a dollop of wasabi, bean shoots and cubes of avocado.  What was interesting was the dollop of lemon curd.  Tart lemon mixed together with the tuna, wasabi and a hint of soy created an incredible flavor and kick at the same time. 

In between courses we were treated to a crab cappuccino soup.  That is what they called is.  Light and rich at the same time.  I love crab soup.  This was creamy but not too thick with a few small pieces of shrimp on the bottom with a small spoonful of whipped creme fraiche on top.  The foam on the top of the soup took the flavor just up one more notch.  Loved this.  We called it crabuccino.

Josh and Em ordered one of the pastas. Whole shrimp and scallops mixed together with agnlotti pasta.  Agnlotti pasta is an egg pasta that has been flattened out and then folded together like a small box.  The sauce was out of this world.  After Josh hit the wall I couldn't help but continue eating more of his after I had already finished mine.

Jess had a shrimp dish.  Simply prepared, just like she likes it, with vegetables and a dot of sauce. 

Fred and I went with the langoustines special.  Peeled langoustines mixed together with small soft gnocchi mixed together with a truffle sauce and an added bonus of more truffles shaved over the top.  The foam had a base of fish stock.  All and all, it sounds heavy, but it was light and divine.

We all hit the wall as we seem to do every night and bagged dessert.  They brought us out a beautiful tray of chocolates and macaroons.  All delicious.  I particularly liked the basil chocolate.  No doubt all made their by hand.  Impressive.

Highly recommend Mul Yam.  I mean this in a good way…Mul Yam is a NYC quality top restaurant and that in my book means a lot.