Top 10 Music List of 2010

At one point it was Top 10 records, then it became Top 10 CDs and now it has to be Top Ten Music List because all our music is totally digital.  I am pretty sure we have not bought a physical CD this entire year.  Doesn’t mean we aren’t paying the artists because we are through Amazon or other locations but in pure download form.

Over the years, I have found myself just going with the flow of what everyone is listening to in the house.  I used to be the music maven but not I admit, I am now basically the follower in the house.  With it is pretty easy as well as seeing what is in the Sonos queue in the morning. 

These aren’t really in any specific order.  My list isn't so different from Fred's.  No surprises there although he actually remembers the names where I need the queue.  Never have been good at names.  I stopped my music list on my blog because it is always changing and I never kept it up.  I will just stick with the top 10 at the end of the year.  Here goes. 

The National, High Violet.  I have always loved the National.  I might have played this continuously for weeks on end when it first came out. 

Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown.  This might have been my other obsessive album this year.  Couldn't get enough.  Have always been a fan of KOL but I felt like in this particular album they really grew. 

The Suburbs, Arcade Fire.  You can't help but love this band.  They are just brilliant.

Sir Lucious Big Foot, Big Boi.  I really got into hip hop this year.  This was an instant classic in our house.

Teen Dream, Beach House.  Dreamy music.  I didn't love them as much live but I love them anyway.

Down By the Way, Angus and Julia Stone.  Fred played this for me one morning and said I'd like it.  I have been stuck on it every since.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasty, Kayne West.  What can I say?  One listen and I was hooked. 

The Lady Killer, Cee-Lo Green.  Masterful R & B, soul and funk all mixed into one. 

Brothers, Black Keys.  Heavy rotation in the Wilson house

Gorilla Manor, Local Natives.  Really got into them after ACL.  Looking for more from this band.

That's the list.  Not that different than Fred's.  I also love when Josh makes me a mix in the morning.  More one hits from a variety of artists.  Have to say I do love that song Black and Yellow by Wiz Kahlifa which I thank both Josh and Emily to turning me on to.  Even got into Drake for a bit.  What can I say?

Looking forward to some new tunes in 2011. 


Comments (Archived):

  1. daryn

    The National’s album was fantastic, and they were one of my favorite live shows of the year too. The last song is especially amazing.Haven’t thought about best new albums much, I found myself listening to a lot of older stuff this year, but runners up for best live show were: Phosphorescent, Belle & Sebastian, and Band of Horses.Hope the Middle East is treating you well.-Daryn

    1. Gotham Gal

      i did love Belle & Sebastian too but again I always love Belle & Sebastian.

  2. rich caccappolo

    GG, good call on Black and Yellow (Wiz is from Pittsburgh; he’s a Steelers fan) but it isn’t on that album. Link for the single is:… Explicit/dp/B0042GD17M/ref=pd_sim_dmusic_a_2 – it is his first release on Atlantic after parting ways with Warner.

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks rich. love him.