a day with the old and a night with the new and a new friend in between

Yesterday I had lunch at the Modern with a new friend.  I have met so many amazing people over the past few years but once in awhile someone comes along where you just bond.  We had lunch at the Modern yesterday, me and my new friend, and if wasn't for Emily's basketball game I could have sat there for four more hours. 

I always walk away from the Modern happy.  The setting is beautiful and the food is just delicious, innovative, beautiful and not too heavy.  A hit out of the ballpark.  We split the appetizers.  A tartare of yellowfin tuna and diver scallops seasoned with caviar.  Just looking at this picture makes your mouth water.  The textures are perfect and the flavors are a perfect combo.

A simple green salad with slices of yellow and red beets mixed together with small goat cheese raviolis and a truffle vinegarette.  The goat cheese raviolis were really good.  Almost like a slice of intense cheese at room temperature.  I like how each appetizer has a base of thinly sliced veggies.

My friend had the roasted flounder which I didn't taste but the small artichoke stuffed with a sauce and a dollop of caviar on top is impressive handiwork.

I had the chorizo-crusted codfish.  Thinly sliced piece chorizo that has been roasted until crisp and wrapped around the cod sitting in a mixture of white beans with harissa.  Again, incredible handiwork and really light.

This is the first time I have indulged in the chocolate cart.  We had them choose the top goodies on the cart and had a few tastes.  All good.  Particularly loved the hazelnut chocolate bar (top left).

Hurried off to Emily's game and then home to make the kids dinner before Fred and I headed out to the friends and family opening of Fedora.  Fedora is the latest addition to the Stulman empire and what a place it is.  There is definitely something special about Fedora.  The menu is out there too.  Crispy Pig's Head, Beef Tartare, Egg in a hole with a tripe ragout, Skate on the bone with bone marrow, Sweetbreads and Octopus, Rock Shrimp Salad and a Pork Chop for two just name a few of the dishes.  I can hardly wait to try them all.  Sorry for the terrible picture.

Lunch was an ode to a restaurant, as well as dining empire created by Danny Meyer, who has single handed-ly created a variety of New York City dining institutions, the Modern being one of them.  Our evening activity was an ode to the new sheriff in town, Gabe Stulman, who I have always believed to be the the leader of the next generation to create the next round of  New York dining institutions. 

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  1. Peggy Dold

    This sooo makes me want to move back to Mahattan. For that matter, you should get the city of NY to sponsor something. Your blog makes me want to return! THANK YOU!

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is pretty amazing how you can basically have a fantastic meal every dayof the week if you wanted to. we are spoiled!