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There are a few things that can really me going and one of them is health care.  The other is education but I am going to stick to health care today. 

Everyone should be covered.  That is pretty much where it stands for me.  Totally black and white.  Why?  Because shit happens and if something ends up happening to you and you aren't covered, you will find yourself in serious financial trouble. 

This past week, the super in our building slipped on ice and broke his leg and fractured his ankle.  Although I really wanted our building to provide health care for all the employees, it wasn't in the budget.  Our building is relatively new and we have yet to even have a meeting of the minds to discuss adding something like health care to the annual costs.  It would increase all of our annual maintenance but personally I could care less because people who are working with us every day should be covered…bottom line.

Our super will be out for a month, needs surgery and also has two young twins at home.  I can't even imagine how he is going to pay the bills that are going to start pouring in.  The stress, the anxiety he must feel and he needs his health as we all do. We have reached out to him so we can help him financially.  I feel absolutely terrible about what has happened.

The latest headline in the past week was how the Republicans want to repeal the Health care bill.  Granted there is no way that we are all going to be happy with the actual bill but at the end of the day, shouldn't we all be covered?  Putting money into a reserve fund for the god forbid accident or unforeseen health problems.  If we don't have health care for all there are other financial costs that are hidden.  People go into bankruptcy because they can't afford their medical bills, people don't have annual check-ups which are the key to proactive care, etc. 

I could go on and on but after seeing what happened this past week to someone we see everyday drives the need for health care straight home.  I am lucky that I don't need to worry about paying for our medical costs and we all get annual check-ups but for those who have that worry hanging over their head every day because they aren't insured makes me very angry.   


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