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We_logo_5 Either there is something in the air or I am on the investment radar.  Today I had the pleasure of having conversations with two different groups about investing and then this morning I heard from the Womens Leadership Summit in SF and of course the Womens Entrepreneur Festival that I am involved with is happening this weekend. 

What is interesting about the first group is that is just started but they have hit upon something in the women’s community.  A group of super smart influential women in Silicon Valley got together and created an event called Alley to the Valley thinking that perhaps both coasts could benefit from getting together.  The participants would discuss mentoring and investing in women entrepreneurs.  The concept was to bring together entrepreneurs and power brokers who come out of mostly the Venture Capital and Private Equity area. 

I like how they want to build a “golf course” for women.  Their terminology which I love.  The thought is if you build it they will come.  If you build a community of smart powerful women who are interested in being mentors and investing in start-ups that the two will find each other.   Low and behold they have.  Their one event has turned into another this spring and another this fall.  They are on to something. 

Later in the day I went to an event for the Investors Circle.  I met the man who began this organization almost 20 years ago.  Over 20 years he has created a network of angel investors that come out of family foundations, venture capitalists, and angel investors.  They have put over $150 million dollars to work and have built a network of offices across the globe. 

Investors Circle has some amazing people behind the scenes from the Executive Director and Chairman to the founder.  They invest in Women, Energy, Health and Wellness, Education & Media, Community Development and Food & Organics. 

The event was a mixture of people who are already involved with Investors Circles through investing and others were invited with the hope of joining.  A very interesting mixed group of people who want to make an impact in our world by investing in entrepreneurs they believe are making a difference. 

Although IC has been around for 20 years, I get the feeling from the conversations that they are taking it to another level as they create a bigger network of investors.  That is what I am seeing as more and more people are interested in taking some of the wealth they have created and investing in others particularly when it comes to social or environmental issues. 

This morning I heard from the OpenSource Womens Summit who is having an event this week where they are honoring 30 emerging women in the tech community and then putting them in a room with already established leaders to see what happens.  Kind of like Alley to the Valley but different.  Regardless, all good. 

This weekend I am involved with the Womens Entrepreneur Festival which will highlight women entrepreneurs ( some men too ) and we hope that women will learn from each other, mentor each other, continue the conversations that we are having this weekend into their lives and think about all the different opportunities that technology has helped facilitate. 

From an outsider who invests in start-up companies, I am not sure if I will get involved with any of the above through investing in but I love what they are all doing.  A few are more capital available to entrepreneurs who are trying to create new economies.  Others are highlighting the success of women and how we can all learn from that. All said, that is a very good thing. 

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  1. Lisa Duggan

    Already very excited to be attending the festival in NY this weekend; your post makes me more so. Thanks!

  2. Stacy Bayless

    Check out The Giving Girls in Phoenix. Women business and community leaders educating our female youth about the many opportunities that lie before them. We’re looking to get ’em when they’re young so they make educated decisions about their future.http://thegivinggirlsaz.blo… @TheGivingGirls twitterTheGivingGirls facebook

    1. Gotham Gal

      very very cool. i will absolutely check them out.

  3. TanyaMonteiro

    Inspired and excited to be a part of the WE Festival. Thanks Joanne you’re always leading me to incredible places

  4. Amy Bevilacqua

    It’s interesting to see the different approaches taken–some focused on women, tech, “elite” groups (like Alley to the Valley and TechStars) and the mix of online/offline community. This is all front of mind, with the WE Festival coming up!

  5. rebeccastees

    Hope you get some video from the WE Festival!

    1. Gotham Gal