Kin Shop

Kin Shop opened with a bang.  The second restaurant of Top Chef extraordinaire Harold Dieterle.  His first restaurant Perilla is still open and doing just fine located in the West Village.  It was time for the next venture and Harold chose Thai Food.  Interesting choice for a white boy from Long Island but he knows Thai.  Not only was the food delicious, fresh and just full of interesting flavors there was no after taste of garlic the next day and that is big in my book. 

The restaurant is simple.  Lots of light and about 80 seats.  I would like to see the lighting just toned down a bit but other wise just a simple place.  We ordered a variety of dishes.  First out was the Fried Pork and Crispy Oyster Salad covered with microgreens over sliced celery, crushed peanuts, mint and a chili-lime vinaigrette.  Everything was crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside mixed with the other parts of the dish was just the perfect bite in your mouth.

Spicy Duck Laab Salad had quite the spicy bite.  Pieces of lamb mixed with toasted rice, ground chili and sliced romaine hearts.  Just damn good. 

We ordered the Squid Ink and Hot Sesame Oil Soup out of pure curiosity.  Wow.  Black ink soup with tiny pieces of squid floating around and ground brisket and a few snake beans.  This was brilliant.  I loved the kick, the color and the combo of flavors.

Roasted medium rare Duck Breast sliced with a green mango on the side was really nice.  Served with fresh roti so you can put all the ingredients on the roti roll it up and create a duck sandwich.  Quite good. 

Deep fried Rock Shimp with pieces of cauiflower, herbs and fried garlic.  This was really delicious and although there was fried garlic here, I couldn't taste it.  That is a good chef.  Garlic should be used to accent not overpower and that is one of my biggest frustrations when people use garlic. 

Poached duck egg
This particular dish was beautiful.  A steamed Duck egg with Chiang Mai Sausage.  Crispy sausages served over a mixture of red onion congee, razor clams with a fried Thai basil-garlic sauce with the egg on top. Making the dish messy by mixing in the egg changes the entire composition of the dish.  A delicious stick to your ribs dish.

My favorite dish hands down was the braised Goat.  A large piece of braised Goat mixed together with fried shallots, purple yams, mustard greens and toasted coconut.  I couldn't stop eating this.  The sauce was incredible with hints of cinnamon and the goat just pulled off the bone.  A must have.

A mixture of grilled eggplants served with a fish sauce and mint was the one dish that I didn't love. You gotta have one that wasn't fantastic.

Thai food seems to be cropping up around the city these days.  Kin Shop is the place to go.  Each flavor in every dish packs a punch and balances perfectly with the other components of the dish.  Just a big yum.  I will certainly be back. 

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