The last couple of nights Niko has done a soft opening for friends and family.  I was delighted to get an invite. 

We got there late because we had theater tickets and the place was packed.  Always fun to go somewhere and see lots of familiar faces but what I really went for is to check out the new place.  Located in the old Hommura An space on Mercer Street which had been around forever.  One day the lights just went out as the owners returned to Japan. 

I really like what the new owners have done with Cobi Levy running the group.  Minimal decor hovering the walls making the restaurant feel like a modern Japanese spot.  Tables wrap around the restaurant with one communal table in the middle that is discretely tucked away from sight as you walk up the stairs.  Also a bar.  I really liked the design. The place flows.

The liquor menu is great.  Nice mixture of wines and sakes including a few cocktails.  The menu consists of sushi or sashimi as well as appetizers, main courses and sides.  The sashimi was really good. I tasted a few things and probably would have tasted more if I had got there earlier in the evening.  As we were coming most people were wrapping up.  Considering how packed it was for a second night soft opening, the waiters were really attentive and tried to get the food out as quick as possible.  The menu looks good.  I won't comment on what I ate because some things were better than others and they are literally just opening the doors.  It takes time to flush out the kinks.  I will say that the Grilled Japanese Eggplant was delicious. 

Looking forward to returning.  I like the vibe.  They will be open for lunch and dinner.  I hoping that Niko is in for the long run.  Doesn't black miso cured salmon with asian pear, celery root and black sesame miso sound like something worth trying?