Wrapping up on the Womens Entrepreneur Festival

We_logo_5 Yesterday was the Womens Entrepreneur Festival.  Hopefully video will be up in a few days and I will post it so anyone can watch at their leisure. 

Putting all humility aside, the Festival was just absolutely fantastic.  There was a buzz in the air that was, as Andy Weissman said, infectious.  I guarantee we plan on having this event again next year and figuring out ways that we can keep the networking among all of us going through the year. 

I would love to hear from people on what you thought made this event so successful.  Here are my thoughts.  The event was not huge so there was an intimacy in the room that you don't always find at conferences.  Having multiple generations of women there that wanted to connect and hear about each other regardless of age is very powerful.  Every attendee came considering themselves on an equal playing field, everyone was wowed by each other.  The bios of each attendee on the site was a great tool so that when we all came together we were each intrigued by each other.  Everyone had their guard down.  Everyone wanted to connect, listen, hear, learn and network.  It was casual.  Nobody wore a suit. 

One interesting observation were the four men panelists.  Each of them told intimate stories about themselves to the audience as the day progressed.  One of them actually said to me that they never tell personal stories about themselves at a conference but here they felt comfortable doing it.  To me, that is one of the most powerful components of being a woman.  That personal link and the willingness to divulge our real feelings and stories is why every business will be so much more successful with women involved.  That personal piece changes the game. 

Wow.  It was just an incredible day. 


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