I have to start off this post on Fedora with complete transparency.  I am an investor in Fedora, I am also part of the Gabe Stulman fan club.  Putting that all aside, I didn't want to write about Fedora until I had gone there more than a few times.  As of this past week, I have not only been more than a few times, I have had some of the dishes three times. 

The chef Medhi Brunet-Benkritly comes from Au Pied de Cochon located in Montreal and in my book, one of best and most creative restaurants in the city.  Back to Fedora.  Fedora has been owned by one family for almost 80 years and they decided Gabe would be the best person to carry on the family restaurant.  He cleaned up the neon sign that sits above the door and kept the name.  Although he renovated, the look is basically the same, just brought into the 21st Century.  The vibe is old school NYC. 

The food is absolutely delicious.  My few comments I have shared with Gabe.  There is always a fish special each evening but honestly Medhi is a carnivore.  I have had a few fish dishes and although they are good they don't compare to everything else.

I have had the crispy pigs head three times.  Each time a total wow.  Perhaps this dish could be branded differently because it isn't what you expect.  A mixture of greens with fresh sliced mushrooms tossed with a creamy gribiche sauce is delicious and flavorful.  Expertly placed on the salad are lightly fried cubes of pulled pork from the pigs head.  Innovative and really tasty.  I made my friends who were a bit turned off by the name of the dish taste it.  After a few glasses of wine, they both succumbed to my fork in front of their face.  Both of them said the said thing..wow, that is really good.  So that you have it.

Beets 16-03-40
The beet salad is simple and full of flavor.  A mixture of quartered roasted beets with shaved ricotta over the top and candied pecans.  A winner.

I had a bite of the cauiflower soup and the beef tartare which were both interesting and layered.  The egg in a hole with a tripe ragout and shaved cheddar is outrageous.  Not only is the dish brilliant but the textures are interesting and the combination of flavors are delicious and rich.

There is always a raw fish dish like a crudo.  We had sliced raw mackerel with avocado. Very nice.

I have had two fish dishes.  This one is tilefish that has a crispy skin with thinly sliced cucumbers and gnocchis underneath.  The other fish dish we had was a snapper.  Both similar in look and taste but neither did it for me.  Hey, the chef came from Montreal working with foie gras and duck on a nightly basis.  Not a fish in sight.

How could I not try the octopus and sweetbreads dish?  Simply prepared over warm greens with red butter.  Wow.  What else can I say here?

I tasted the shrimp rock salad.  A nice option for those who aren't interesting in going for broke.  Really well done and the combination of textures and flavors is perfect.

Duck 16-03-40
I truly saved the best for last, the duck.  Fred dreamt about this for days.  A crispy whole duck leg served with bbq sauce, dates and an herb salad.  The meat pulls right off the bone.  The bbq sauce has just the right kick.  A bit of cumin and hot sauce in there. I almost wish there was an entire duck in the bowl where I could just sit that and be an absolute pig.  A signature dish.

Cheese 16-03-40
In addition, the chocolate cake is pretty outrageous.  No pics there but I did have the cheese plate one night and sometimes after this type of meal, cheese really hits the spot. 

So I loved Fedora.  For all that know me, if I didn't like it, I'd say so.  Gabe knows how to run a restaurant.  He hires fantastic people who create a community every night….and each of his chefs know how to cook.  No surprises, Fedora is another winner. 

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  1. kirklove

    Hot damn that duck looks yumtastic. Happy for Gabe.

  2. daryn

    Looks fantastic – will check it out for sure!

  3. Erin Newkirk

    Delicious! The pigs head was good. But the sturgeon toast was out of this world. Also, highly recommend the Black Squirrel Old Fashioned. Service was super sweet!

    1. Gotham Gal

      nice erin. the drinks are top.