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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. 

We went to see Good People last night, the latest production at MTC.  Great acting.  An incredible cast.  Always love seeing Frances McDourmand in theater or on the big screen and Estelle Parsons is hilarious.  I just didn't enjoy the actual play.

Perhaps there are times when you don't like the content or it makes you uncomfortable are the times you should consider sticking it out.  Thinking about what makes you uncomfortable about the content.  Many lessons are learned by putting yourself in a position where you have to listen to characters you just don't like.  But last night, at intermission, Fred turned to me and said "the acting is great but I can't stand any of the charcters and I know you hate them too….want to stay or go"?  Well based on the weeks that I have been having, all good but extremely busy, the thought of crawling into bed and falling asleep before 10pm was much more appealing than sitting through the rest of the play.   And so we went home.

The play is about a middle aged woman from Southie (Boston) who never got past a HS education, was knocked up and has a severly retarded daughter.  She finds herself without a job.  Making a visit to an old flings office who is now a very successful doctor thinking she can get a job.  Lives take many turns from High School and watching this woman, played by Frances McDourmand, pursue this doctor who was someone of the past to help toss her a lifeline just didn't do it for me.  There are more layers to the play but the characters and content just annoyed me. 

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. 

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  1. Guest

    I felt the same way about a date I went on last week. He was cute, but “the character and content just annoyed me.” I could call him “Bad People.” I wanted to walk out halfway through too. I didn’t like what he was saying, but I stuck it out. I shouldn’t have. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. :)… But at least you take a chance.

    1. Gotham Gal

      That’s hilarious

  2. hfc87

    I saw ‘Good People’ a few weeks ago and agree with your assessment that the acting is good, but the play just does not captivate. I, too, was tempted to leave at intermission, but stayed until the end. I will tell you that the main scene after intermission (it takes up 90 percent of the second act) was terrific – the highlight of the play. The dialogue moved, the content was the most thought provoking of the piece. But despite this one great scene, I still left feeling uninspired by this unmemorable play and not caring about any of the characters. Given the brilliance of Rabbit Hole, this one sure did disappoint.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I happened to meet with the creative director of mtc this morning and shegave me the download on the second half. She understood my feelings aboutthe characters as you did. Just not a great play

  3. Steven Kane

    A few years back, I institited a new rule for my life:Thou shalt not feel guilty about abandoning optional things that you don’t enjoy.I have never regretted it. If my wife and I are at a play that I am not enjoying, I leave. If she wants to stay, she stays.If I am part way thru a book or movie or even a song and it feels like a burden to continue, I trigger the ejector seat.Note I qualified the rule to only apply to optional things. I will not abandon an interpersonal relationship just because it gets difficult. Treating people with respect and love is not optional.But bad plays? Boring movies? Poorly written texts? Disappointing cuisine? Tedious museums?As the great philosopher Snagglepuss once said, “Exit, stage right!”

    1. Gotham Gal

      Agree with you a hundred percent. Exit stage right