Melt Bakery

Fred was filmed with Dennis Crowley from Four Square for Bloomberg.  He met a woman who told Fred about Kareem and Julian and their company called Melt Bakery. 

Melt Bakery is an ice cream cookie start-up.  I have seen a variety of these businesses so not only was I curious about the model, I was curious about the taste.  Sunday morning her partners dropped off a big box of ice cream sandwiches.  Wasn't expecting company on Sunday morning but that's ok.  Josh and I did a tasting. 

The banana ice cream with the peanut butter sandwich is a nice combination.  Totally works.  Crackly chocolate cookie with chocolate rum ice cream was also a nice combo.  I particularly liked the vanilla shortbread with strawberry ice cream.  The best was probably the red velvet whopped pie with cream cheese ice cream.  There was also a crackly chocolate with peppermint ice cream which was like a cold peppermint patty.

Conceptually I love the business model.  Who doesn't like a good ice cream sandwich?  One of my brothers favorite foods.  Some of the cookies were better than others and some of the ice creams were better than others.  I like that they are delivering the products to your door like Milk Made (who I still think has the best ice cream). Lots of new ice cream companies these days.  Someone is going to eventually pull out of the gate and get into the big time.  Looking forward to see who. 


Comments (Archived):

  1. Debbie Stier

    I still remember the first ice cream sandwich I had. I was probably in first or second grade, and my mother used to make everything on rye bread (which I HATED). She used to pack me pb&j’s for school lunch on rye (how embarrassing). Anyway, she said we were having ice cream sandwiches for dessert one night, and I still remember thinking it was going to be ice cream on rye (and so happily surprised when that turned out to be wrong ;)).Those look delicious to me…..

    1. Gotham Gal

      nothing like an ice cream sandwich. my mom made me sandwiches on rye everyday in elementary school too. ham and swiss. nice combo for a jewish girl.

  2. elaineellis

    I really hope they deliver to hotel rooms for when I visit in May.

    1. Gotham Gal

      how great would that be?

  3. Tracey Jackson

    Now I just hope my kids don’t see this posting. We will be getting daily deliveries. This family does not have the self control to have those living in our house. But what a great idea for a dinner party dessert. Leave it to you to find them!