Movie and dinner on Saturday night seems to be a theme this winter.  We had dinner on Saturday night with our friends at Niko.  I was psyched to return after going there pre-opening.  I like the way they put the place together and you can absolutely hear yourself where ever you sit which is a nice bonus.  The scene starts rocking as the evening goes on and it is quite the hipster crowd so keep that in mind.  Perhaps during the week is the way to go.  The food is really good.  There are only two other Japanese restaurants that I go to downtown; Blue Ribbon Sushi and 15 East.  I am thrilled to add Niko so the mix. 

Starting off with a nice sakitini is the way to go.  Although they have a nice tight wine and sake list with a few cocktails to boot.

We chose to share a bunch of appetizers and then move to our own sushi choices for the second round.  Starting with a plate of sushito peppers.  Spicy and good.

This is a small bowl of uni is unique.  Steamed sliced squid that looks like spaghetti with a piece of uni over the top.  A nice light Asian sauce on the bottom with sliced scallions.  Mix together and eat.  Quite good. 

There are a few plates they recommend to share.  Deep fried pieces of chicken, super crispy, with a nice dipping sauce. 

Not many people are fans of steak tartare but I love it.  I really enjoyed this and my friend loved it.  Chopped beef with a quail egg, a spot of horseradish.  On the side was a light crispy cracker. 

I am a huge fan of octopus.  This is the one dish I didn't love.  Thought there could be more flavor.  Sliced roasted octopus mixed together watermelon radishes, cucumber and small pieces of kiwi.  Lots of interesting flavors but it just didn't grab me.

The shrimp dish is for sharing.  I loved this dish.  Sweet deep fried shrimp with loads of lemon and salt.  Pop them whole in your mouth.  So good.

The sushi at Niko is amazing.  The chef comes from spending five years at Yasuda.  Sliced perfectly and fresh.  Really good. 

Dessert was classic.  Green tea and chocolate mochi.  The key was the tiny pieces of salt on top.  Brought the dessert to a new level. 

No question that I will be going back to Niko for dinner or lunch.  The sushi is fantastic and many of the appetizers were good and some were great.

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  1. Toby Bryce

    In purely sushi terms which would you say is better Niko or (Sullivan St) Blue Ribbon?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Its a dog fight