Three Sisters, Chekhov

Data Three Sisters is the latest revival by Anton Chekhov being performed now at the Classic Stage Company in the East Village.  A phenomenal cast led by Maggie Gyllenhaal and her husband Peter Sarsgaard.  A three hour production including two intermissions. Three hours?  Can't we please start at 6pm instead of 8pm?

The set is awesome.  The stadium seating in this small theater is set around the room that becomes a bedroom, a dining room and an outdoor garden over the course of the play.  The stage bleeds into the audience so performances are right in front of you. 

This particular productions translation has the characters speaking in modern day English although the set and clothing is definitely from the early 20th Century that the play is set in.  Perhaps a bit of a disconnect but certainly easier to follow.

Here is my issue with the play.  Perhaps I am too pedestrian to understand the revival of these incredibly depressing tales laden with layers of supressed emotions.  Just not easy to tackle.  As we walked out of the play, my friend summed it up beautifully saying "Here is what I say, Chekov is checked."  In essence, we have done Chekov and now we can move on.  Not sure we need to see a Chekov play again. 

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