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We went to John Fraser's restaurant, What Happens When, which will only be opened for 9 months with a monthly changing menu. 

I have to write about how this restaurant came to be.  John raised money for this restaurant on Kickstarter.  Gotta love that.  Not sure what you got for the donation but there is a wonderful wall with the names of all the donors on the wall. Fred made a donation. 

The place is supercute. White tables with drawers filled with the silverware.  The kitchen is tucked into a small room with french windows.  The bar consists of a cart in the back of the restaurant.  They did a great job. 

Tiny menu.  Four main courses and four appetizers.  I really only tasted my dishes and the desserts.  New friends although the truth is I could have easily reached into their dishes and had a bite but I didn't.  Next time I will.  There was a starter from the chef.  Nothing on this plate really rocked my boat.  The middle treat was laden with garlic which bummed me out and was wondering how the food was going to be but the food news is everything else was pretty good.

After the amuse bouche they brought out garlic pizza knots filled with cheese.  I was questioning that one but they were delicious.  If there was garlic in there, I didn't taste it and the cheese was just the perfect amount and I loved how the bread was super crispy on the outside. 

I started with the cauliflower.  Pieces of raw and cooked cauiflower mixed with grape, greens and a nice light sauce.  I really liked it.  Good mixture of textures.  The rest of the crowd enjoyed their dishes too.  A lot and oohs and ahhs on the potato skins.

For a main course I had the duck which was excellent.  Sliced lamb mixed with roasted chesnuts over barley.  Someone else split the roasted monk fish ( for two ) and someone else had the cod.

For dessert we just got them all and split them.  The popcorn creme brulee was quite good.  I liked the crunchy popcorn on top of the creamy custard. 

Rich decadent chocolate cake.

I don't remember what one of the dishes were but we also had a cheese plate which I have to say I really like particularly in the winter.

They are only open for 9 months.  Worth going.  They do a nice job and for a fixed price of $58 a head for 3 courses, it works for me.

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  1. Tracey Jackson

    I wish you had told me you wanted a bite of mine cause I wanted a taste of yours. Having been there with you I have to say the company was the best part of the evening!The garlic knots came in second.

    1. Gotham Gal

      agreed. next time we can swap plates.