Ben Kweller at Terminal 5

This past Friday night we went to see Ben Kweller play at Terminal 5.  I am a huge fan of Ben's.  We have been listening to his music from his first release.  A couple of years ago we met him and over the years have become friends.  On Friday night we did something that I have never done before, we sat stage left and watched the show.  Hung out with the band before the show and after the show.  I felt like a groupie and it was fantastic. 

After the show ended there was this incredible energy as everyone left the stage and went to the back room.  It was amazing to see.  Everyone was so pumped about the show.  Hugging and high-fiving was abundant.  Totally cool.  I imagine that is how performers feel after any show.  It is just a total rush. 

The show wasn't long enough.  I know Ben has a bunch of new songs that have yet to be released so this show was all his oldies and goodies.  He asked the audience what they wanted to hear for the last two songs. Ben has a big heart and he is a mensch.  Just a great night. 

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  1. Endorphin

    I love his energy too. We were on his side stage once at ACL and he posed for pictures like we were old camp friends. Wish he would have joined Pete Yorn on stage Friday night. Pete’s show was also fantastic!