focus, filter and forget

Images Rick and I were talking today and his advice for vacation was to focus, filter and forget.  I love it. 

I am pretty sure I have never been so burnt out.  Over the past few years I have shifted careers from being mostly an at home Mom to an angel investor, blogger, etc (that would be big on the etc. part). I left the constant networking for a few years and took a bit of a back seat with yoga, cooking and focusing on taking my time to think about what to do next.  Now I find myself in many ways back to a place where I don't sit back and smell the roses. 

One of the reasons I never grabbed the opportunity for starting my own business or becoming involved in a start-up again is because I know that I would find myself in a place where I would be consumed 24/7.  I didn't want to be like that anymore and I certainly didn't want to be like when my kids were younger. 

It hasn't take me long to ramp up again because it is part of my DNA.  I love the intellectual stimulation, the problem solving aspect, the thrill of building things and meeting so many people that are creating new economies and the way we live our lives.  It is a bit like an addiction, a high. 

There is no doubt that I am capable of juggling more balls than humanly possible but in the last week I have started to think again about what is next.  Where is the balance.  What is balance mean for me?  Priority number one is family as it should be for everybody as far as I am concerned.  Our financial success has certainly allowed me the ability to just sit back, eat bon bons, go shopping and pamper myself weekly but it isn't who I am.  I'd probably lose my mind. 

I plan on reflecting over the next two weeks.  Certainly losing my Mom this past year has made a major impact on my thoughts about how fragile life is and that loss has slowly seeped into every part of my body although I am quite good at just moving through anything that comes my way.  Ricks advice really hit me between the eyes.  I am going to focus on everything I am currently involved with now and how I can continue to work with each amazing entrepreneur in a meaningful way, I am going to filter all the white noise and try to balance the life/work thing and make sure I smell all the roses and enjoy everything life has given me and I am going to try to not forget how I ramped everything up to a place where I am burnt out beyond belief. 

Some sleep, some skiing and boarding, some sun and fun and lots of downtime…I should be brand new before I know it.