hot bread kitchen event

Last week Hot Bread Kitchen inaugurated their new location at La Marqueta on 115th and Park by throwing a party.  Of course throwing a party for a non-profit includes raising awareness and money.  One of the reasons I initially got involved with HBK besides loving the mission is that I knew that overtime HBK would become sustainable non-profit business.  Through the sale of their breads, tortillas and crackers, they would eventually be able to create enough revenue to fund the social mission of the organization.  To me, that is what I'd like to see all non-profit organizations do.  It isn't always that clear cut because many organizations don't have products or information that can create a viable revenue stream but if they do they should figure out how to leverage that to pay for the mission. 

The event was great.  Daniel Boulud came and baked Morrocan breads.  Tortillas were made too.

The best part of the night, hands down, were the bakers that spoke.  Marie Poison from Haiti talked about how HBK had given her the ability to bake and speak English while getting paid at the same time. 

Antonia Garcia from Mexico talked about how much she has grown in this community.

Lutfunnessa Islam from Bangledesh talked about how not only did she learn to feel more comfortable communicating in English she was able to practice her religion over the course of the day with no problems.  That she was embraced at HBK.  She has two children who are in their teens and found herself having time to go to work.  HBK allowed her flexibility to be with her family.  She discovered not only did she like to work she liked making money.  Still feeling connected to Bangledesh and having children as first generation Americans, she herself is becoming an American too.  She was moving beyond words. 

At the end of the night there wasn't a person in the room who wasn't completely moved by how HBK has made a difference in immigrant women through baking.  It has been transformative for all of them.  Having women work together in a kitchen where they can feel comfortable among peers is so important to a crop of immigrants who are still very dedicated to a certain family life.  HBK give them income and the ability to feel confident in speaking English and becoming bakers and entrepreneurs.  HBK is truly a special place. 

I'd also like to thank everyone who came and supported this event.  Truly appreciate it!