the restaurant show at the javits center

This morning I talked about retail and ecommerce, for lunch I discussed real estate and everything relating to your home, in the afternoon I went to the restaurant show at the Javits Center and in the later afternoon I saw the last basketball game of the season for Josh.  This doesn't include all the other things I did in between.  All and all, a really good day. 

I try to go to the big events at the Javits center for Rick at Ricks Picks.  The restaurant show is a totally different world than the food show.  The restaurant show consists of a lot of breads, pastries, desserts and items that a restaurant would want in bulk.  Interesting.  The show was packed. 

While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting with the man who started the Greenmarket in NYC.  We talked at length about Hot Bread Kitchen and La Marquetta.  He was standing with a woman who is heading up a company called Escape Maker that is creating getaways in NY State around wine and cheese tastings, local food sampling, sustainability workshops and eco-vacations.  Very smart promotion for New York State. 

The one vendor that was nice to see was John Wm. Macys cheesesticks.  When we lived in the East Village, many many years ago, I used to go to their store and buy broken cheesesticks that they sold in big bags for a few dollars.  They were located on 13th between A and 1st.  I mentioned that to them today.  It is pretty impressive how far their business has come.  Not just one type of cheesestick anymore but a bunch of different flavors sold to restaurants and markets around the country. 

Artisinal food, green tech related to the environment, small local farms and back to the basics are certainly the trends.  All these areas are becoming more and more connected.  A very interesting day. 

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  1. MicroSourcing

    It’s called expansion, and it’s no small feat for businesses in a recovering economy.

    1. Gotham Gal

      expansion, yes but an expansion of new economies or you could say oldeconomies going back to its roots.