Why I am still involved with MOUSE

This video is exactly why I am still involved with MOUSE.  I love what they do.  When MOUSE started we had dreams about this type of impact and now we are doing it not only in NYC but in over 13 states across the country as well as over 50 countries nationwide. 

The next mission is to built an online network so students and teachers can share their knowledge of how to integrate technology into the school system across the globe.


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  1. melissatran

    Wow. I had no idea that you were interested in education and technology but now that I know, you should tap into my enormous network of educators on line. It will blow your mind.I tweet @thenewtag for ed stuff and @ibandy2 for my new ad(venture) with my husband. Almost all of my follows and everyone I follow as @thenewtag is an educator from pre-service teachers to Superintendents (from all over the world) and they are all passionate about tech. in schools.If you ever want to see something truly amazing, check out #edchat at noon and/or 7pm. It’s a weekly chat w/2 time zones to accommodate educators worldwide. Most resourceful, interesting, helpful educators ever.Through this network I was invited to help organize a completely free online conference for new teachers in January and nearly 2500 educators from 139 countries attended-voluntarily, on a Saturday. That was the 2nd Reform Symposium and was only one (very long) day. The 1st was last summer and it was a whole weekend – everyone, presenters, moderators and participants were all volunteers.It’s a truly amazing group. And as for your next mission, my friend @ktenkely is working on something like that right now! I’m going to tell her to check out this post and you should check her out as well. Also @shellterrell is a tech-savvy force to be reckoned with – she’s also a founder of both #edchat and the Reform Symposium.Sorry to hijack your with this crazy long comment but I’m so jazzed that this is something you care about!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks for all of this. I will check all of it outEducation is the key to life

  2. Ktenkely

    Thanks for the introduction @melissatran! This is the project Melissa was referring to: http://dreamsofeducation.wo