a few days in los angeles

We are going to Coachella at the end of the week and I opted for coming out early (Emily joined me a day later) to spend some time out here and hang out with my brother, my sister-in-law and their kids.  Also, I do love coming out to LA.  I generally spend the majority of my time in Venice and Santa Monica which makes for pretty easy driving.

Emily and her friend ( all the kids are bringing friends for Coachella ) is staying with my brother and the fam.  I am staying at Shutters on the Beach which kind of defines Los Angeles for me.  I am being totally decadent and getting up early, doing email, reading the paper and having breakfast in bed.  Can't beat it.  Here is the view from my room. 

Fred segal
Today I met my sister-in-law at Fred Segal for a little shop and lunch.  I have been coming back to Fred Segal for years.  The stores have not changed but their merchandise has.  Fred Segal is one of those singular locations that has never really been replicated anywhere else.  There are 3 locations in LA.  Each is a combination of a variety of stores under one roof that flow from one to the other.  Pretty clever how each location is curated and unique.  Here is one of the stores in Santa Monica, the one that has the bead shop.

We did not opt for the burger place, Umami Burger in the Fred Segal across the street but from what I have heard they have the best burger ever.  Might have to return just for a taste. Instead I went for the salad.  Everywhere in LA makes a good salad.  I wish there were more places in NYC that had a good simple salad for lunch.  This is the Mediterranean salad with chopped chicken and balsamic dressing on the side.  One of my faves. 

This is in the mens area of Fred Segal.  They have great stuff.  I loved this denim dressing room curtain.  The fedora over the white t-shirt says it all.

I admit that I am totally into the Royal Wedding happening on April 29th.  When I lived in London I stood in line for four hours to see the wedding gifts that Charles and Diana had received.  I still have a little tray that I purchased from that time.  There is nothing quite like the British royalty anywhere else in the world and there is something to say for certain traditions.  Also, the Brits love their royalty.  I am invited to a breakfast to watch the wedding and felt compelled to buy this piece to wear.  A little Kate Middleton…right?

One of my dearest friends lives out in Venice now.  We were partners at Silicon Alley Reporter.  He has started a variety of businesses that were all way before their time.  Timing in life is almost everything.  He has now launched a kids vitamin business called Smarty Pants.  Here are their headquarters. 

Then back to my brothers to get ready for dinner at Waterloo & City. 


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  1. daryn

    Have fun!Also, if you’re ever considering another music festival trip, look into Sasquatch. It’s memorial day weekend, about 90 minutes from Seattle, at a beautiful venue above the Columbia River Gorge.There is a really nice hotel (vineyards, orchards, etc.) a short walk away, but you have to book super-early. Last time we went, we camped at the venue and then walked over in the mornings for brunch and to freshen up – next time I’d definitely get a room.

    1. Gotham Gal

      great line-up. on the list!

  2. TanyaMonteiro

    Makes me think of Graham & Spencer, Hard Tail (the best yoga pants), omgirl, Maxfield his son’s store up the road. American rag coffee shop and Book Soup! Enjoy!

    1. Gotham Gal

      American Rag. Wow. Haven’t been there in easily a decade

  3. awaldstein

    Enjoy…I spend a couple of days in LA each month. Love living in NYC, love having the balance of the ocean and as you say, they make the best salads in LA.Abbot Kinney is my street of choice recently. Natural wine list by the glass at The Tasting Kitchen is superb.

    1. Gotham Gal

      doing abbot kinney today. my fave.

      1. awaldstein

        U probably know this but the breakfast spot directly below Shutters on the beach path is great, especially the back porch.Best spot for breakfast meetings in the Pico area.

        1. Gotham Gal

          yep. thanks. en route now.