another day in los angeles

Before I even get into the series of events today I just want to say how much I LOVE Google Maps.  Now you can even launch the navigational tool on your handheld and a voice speaks to you while you drive.  Works quite well if you are alone in the car.  Just brilliant. 

I have always been connected to Los Angeles.  I was born here and didn't move out until I was almost seven.  My parents went to college at UCLA (and Berkeley) and my father spent his teenage years here and my mother grew up in Bakersfield.  My grandmother lived here and in Laguna Beach for years.  My sister worked out here for four years.  I did my college internship out here and now my brother and his family are happily settled out here.  Almost full circle.  When I come out here to visit, in many ways I feel at home.  I know where I am and am comfortable.

I met up with Emily and her friend and my sister-in-law for lunch at the Ivy on Robertson.  A classic institution.  Food is definitely not what it used to be.  Years ago this salad was much larger and consisted of many grilled vegetables and almost no greens but now it is just the opposite.  Regardless it is a fun place to go and sit outside.  Driving over to that area from Santa Monica is the one thing that is not fun but that is Los Angeles. 

Then I took Emily and her friend to Opening Ceremony.  I love this parking meter in the front.  You can use quarters or credit cards.  Can we get some of those in NYC?  Opening Ceremony, IMHO, has lost their way.  The store was originally full of interesting merchandise from new designers at relatively affordable price points.  Now the store is chocked to the brim, literally you can barely see what is on each rack there is so much merchandise and the price point is really high on basically every item.  I can't imagine how they are turning their merchandise when the average price is over $500.  Alas, my prediction is that they are not doing well and there will be something to pay for all that merchandise sitting in the store. 

We then took a drive over to Satine on West 3rd.  They have moved since I was in the store last.  Great mixture of clothes and I really love the space.

Noodle stories
Next stop was Noodle Stories where we bought some of these travel books.  I had never seen them before.  Well done and spot on.  Joseph Leonard was in the NYC one!

Afterward it was time for some frozen yogurt.  After all, there is a variety of yogurt places out here.  We opted for Bigg Chill.  Nice call.

Back to Santa Monica for a quick stop at Undefeated, Josh's fave store.  Had to pick him up a little something. 

We went back to the Shutters where I am staying and washed up before heading out to Katsuya.  I am not really a fan of Katsuya like I was when it first opened.  It is loud, the service is terrible and the food is ok.  But, I was thrilled when a woman came over to intro herself to both me and my brother because she recognized us and reads both our blogs.  I admit, I always get excited when someone says hi and I get to meet a face of someone who enjoys the posts.  The real reason we went to Katsuya is because Emily loves the spicy tuna on the crispy rice.  It is a nice dish.

Uni is always a fave, at least for me.

Home to bed, I am exhausted.  Emily summed up the day perfectly.  Salad for lunch, frozen yogurt for a snack and sushi for dinner…the perfect LA day. 



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  1. kirklove

    Feeling “at home” in your surroundings is the best. I still struggle with that a bit in NYC.Enjoy your trip.

    1. Gotham Gal

      that is interesting you struggle with that. how long has it been? iguarantee that over time that will change.

      1. kirklove

        It’s actually only been just over a year (full-time).I love NYC. I feel like a permanent tourist (in a good way). No other place in the world I’d rather live. It’s just when I go back to Philly I feel “home.” That’s why your line struck a chord with me.

        1. Gotham Gal

          for what its worth, when people move to los angeles, they say it takes themtwo years. eventually you will be a new yorker and feel good just goingback to philly. you have new yorker in your blood!

  2. candice

    we have credit-card parking meters (albeit just a couple per block with reciepts) in nola and they don’t work very well. often broken, and tend to eat people’s cards. quarters are a lot less error prone and don’t require phone lines.I still carry a change purse full of quarters.