one more salad and then out to coachella

The last day in Los Angeles was one of many errands but we managed to squeeze in our last lunch at Huckleberry Cafe.  I love this place and Emily and I were dreaming about opening a place like this in NYC.  Never say never.  Here is our small beet salad that we shared.  A hint of citrus and mint mixed with perfectly cooked beets.

Asparagus salad with crispy proscuitto, grilled chicken, feta cheese, arugula, tomatoes and red peppers.  So good. 

After Huckleberrys it was time to fill up the car with groceries for Coachella.  Between my bag, Emily and her friends bag the back was filled.  Then we loaded up with groceries and such and there was no room for anything else.  A mini-van, believe it or not was not going to cut it.  I called Avis and after drilling down who to talk to, I upgraded to a 12 passenger vehicle van.  Yes, it is like driving a bus.  But for seven people, seven pieces of luggage and an entire weekend plus of groceries, it worked.  The crew thought it was hilarious when we picked them up at the airport.

The drive out to Coachella takes some time from Long Beach Airport.  We got out there around midnight and finally found the place we rented.  There was a lock box on the door with our key inside.  The number they gave us wasn't working.  We discovered the next morning that they had given us the wrong one and they really didn't seem to care as much as I did at 115a.  It is now past midnight and we can't get in the house.  First I call the cops because I don't want to break a window and maybe they can just break the box for us.  No such luck, they want nothing to do with me.  Screw this, I called a 24-hour locksmith to get us in.  Two super nice guys come around 130 and break in the house for us.  You can't make this up. 

In the morning we chilled by the pool before making our way out to the festival.  Pretty sweet.  We are here with Josh, Emily and Jessica.  Josh brought one friend, Emily brought two and Jessica brought three.  Full house!

Our house used to be across the street from Coachella.  I say used to be because there were a variety of entrances last year and now there is just one.  They make you walk and walk and walk to get there.  Last year our location was 20 minutes away but now it is almost a 45 minute walk.  Alas.  It is what it is.  Here is Fred and Mo prepping themselves for the days festivities. Classic picture.

It is hot (95)  and dry during the day and cools off at night.  Getting out there later is the way to go.  We first saw Cee Lo Green.  I have been to many music festivals and they run these events with a tight hand.  Cee Lo gets on stage 30 minutes late.  He plays for 20 minutes ( the sets are not long ) and then they turn his music off.  He was pissed but he deserved it.  Get your ass to the stage on time, you got paid for it ( I will get to that in a later blog post ) and play for your fans who by the way support your life style.  So uncool. 

We wandered back to the VIP tents.  You can get higher price tickets that get you into an area with some shade and good food and also a certain section where you can stand closer to the stage.  Well worth it.  We had some fish tacos.  Top. 

Met up with Josh and his friend who opted for the sausages.  Also excellent.

Coming back tomorrow for the wood burning pizza.

Next show we went to was the Black Keys although we did watch Lauren Hill and Interpol from afar earlier.  We know the manager of the band who proceeded to get all of us up to the sound board.  It was pretty damn awesome.  Look at all the technology that goes into these shows.  They Black Keys rocked.  So talented. 

That was enough.  Two more days ahead of us.  Fred and I made the journey back to the house listening to the Kings of Leon who we could still hear at our house.  Here is our command headquarters.  We hired one of the bicycle carts to drive us back as far as they can.  Definitely worth the $20. 

Looking forward to another day. 

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