A night of culture in the Hamptons

Last night before we went to a party in Napeague, on the fogged-in beach, Fred and I made our way to three different art openings.  There are so many artists that live on the east end of Long Island.  An interesting group of people at the openings.  It is such a mixture of people from all over out here, particularly in the summer, and the art world is just one small piece. 

We began at the Drawing Room.  A great space where we have seen many exhibits.  Simple white walls with big windows so natural light is abundant in two rooms.  I really liked this exhibit and might have to buy a piece.  The artist is Laurie Lambrecht.  She took photos of Roy Lichtenstein in his studio.  I have always had a huge love for Lichtenstien's work.  When I was on my junior year abroad in London, I went to see an exhibit of his work at the Tate.  I was blown away.  That exhibit opened my eyes to the world of modern art and in turn my love for art. Here is my favorite piece in the exhibit.

This is another piece of Lichtenstein working on a piece.

Chrisduncan globe
Then we walked over to the Eric Firestone gallery to see a group show called Domestic Goods curated by Ryan Wallace.  A real mix of artists from the East End.  Matt Satz, who we have collected over the years, has a piece in this exhibit.  I particularly liked this Globe from the artist Chris Duncan.

We still had a little time to kill so we drove over to The Fireplace Project on Fireplace Springs Road.  I have always loved this small barn.  We saw a great exhibit of Eric Freemans work there a few years back.  This particular exhibit did not rock my world.  Out there, graphic and sexual.  Different strokes.  This sculpture kind of summed up the exhibit for me.

Off to the party, a nice kick off to begin the summer.  I am a little flipped out by how incredibly crowded it is out here this year.  I will be holing up for the most of the summer at my house, cooking, relaxing and staying away from the crowds. 


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  1. awaldstein

    Thnx for sharing the info on Laurie Lambrecht. Also a huge Lichtenstein fan.