Bridesmaid, Ssam Bar and ITP end of year presentations

Of course I had to see Bridesmaids this weekend.  It was a must.  What I loved about the movie more than anything is that the writers created a film that had never been done before.  A peek into women, their relationships, their fears and their humor.  I took Fred and Josh.  Emily and Jessica had already seen it.  Bravo. 

After the movie, we popped into the Ssam Bar.  Wow.  That place always kills it.  The pork bun is absolutely the best pork bun I have ever had and I say that every time I eat it.  SImple roasted pork belly lying on a fluffy Chinese bun with a little hoisin, a few slices of cucumber and scallions.  Can't be beat.

Also went for the Duck Sandwich.  Wow.  A crispy roll stuffed with thinly sliced duck, a little foie gras, chopped iceberg lettuce, spicy mayo and cut up peppadews. 

We also split two main courses.  The first was spicy pork sausages crumbled and crispy mixed together with pieces of Chinese broccoli, Sichuan peppercorns and crispy rice cakes topped with crispy shallots.  Super spicy and just damn good.

The other course was sliced rotisserie duck, please do not cut off that fat over rice, with chive pancakes, bibb lettuce and on the side there is reduced duck fat with scallions, ginger and a bit of garlic.  I also love their pickled radishes and daikons.

We then went over to see the ITP end of year design presentations.  The entire fourth floor is devoted to every students project.  The place was jammed.  Many interesting ideas and artistic creations but I happen to love this seat sitting in one of the rooms.  Nobody was there to explain it but it just called out to me ITP, ITP, ITP.

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  1. Ellen Smith

    ┬áThe pic was fun to look at LOL…. the food looks yummy!readyPLR

    1. Gotham Gal

      The food at ssam bar is definitely amazing

  2. enobosarm

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  3. CCjudy

    That looks so good and I couldnt eat most of it. You eat pork? Judy

    1. Gotham Gal

      i eat anything.