Logo_freshocracy_front I met with Christina DiLaura last week about her company Freshocracy.  If you live on the UWS or UES or Manhattan, I suggest you sign up now. 

I have always loved the idea of farm to table.  Many companies have cropped up around NYC over the past few years delivering fresh farm produce to your home.  Here is the problems with many of them.  Too much food with no direction and just too much of the same, same, same.  My friend signed up for one of them and she would send me pictures of the produce to ask me what should she do with it.  The other issue is that NYers tend to go out a few times a week so that the amount of food that comes to your house is possibly more than you need.  Kind of defeats the entire purpose of the save the planet model. 

Freshocracy has solved a lot of these issues.  First of all you order for a family of two or four.  It is delivered to your door.  They give you information in your bag of where all the food is coming from so you can read about the farms.   For each ingredient they tell you what everything is and how long it will keep and where to store the products (crisper, in water, etc).  There is enough for 3-4 meals.  This is the best part, they include recipes for the food that is in the bag that week and everything you receive is measured out for the recipe so no waste. The recipes take about 30 minutes to prepare.  Recipes from Food52 as well as chefs. 

Brilliant.  I really love this.  For all of us who want to get to the Greenmarket every week and don't or those of us, like myself, who go crazy and buy way too much at the Greenmarket, this resolves a lot of those issues.  Also, if you don't know what to do with the produce you get, you do now. 

Freshocracy provides everything and they do all the thinking about what you are going to make for dinner tonight.  I can hardly wait for them to start delivering in the West Village. 

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  1. kirklove

    +1 for the Suburbs! 😉

    1. Gotham Gal


      1. kirklove

        In all seriousness thanks much for the post. I’ve been looking for something exactly like this. I want to go to the farmers market, but seldom do, and when I do I over buy and waste a lot of stuff. This is an incredibly brilliant idea. New Yorkers will be eating this up (pun intended). Already signed up and spoke with Christina. First goodie bag is coming on Sunday. Excited.

        1. Gotham Gal

          Awesome. Keep us posted how it goes.

        2. Freshocracy

          I hope you were excited to receive your bag Kirk — can’t wait to hear what you think. Enjoy!

          1. kirklove

            Indeed. Hake is on the menu tonight. Super excited. Package was great. Will be taking pics/posting.

  2. artyowza

    lol. i’ve been accused of decorating my refrigerator with measured food would work for me.