Hudson Clearwater

This particular restaurant, Hudson Clearwater, has been a little bit under the radar.  It isn't the easiest to find.  Located at 447 Hudson which is a non-descript building with grey curtains and no entrance.  You need to walk around the corner and enter through a gate and then you find yourself thrilled that you found the place. 

In the back, where you enter, is a beautiful garden.  A set of stairs walk up to the restaurant where there is a bar and a bunch of seats and an open kitchen and below that is another seating area.  The place was hopping the other night and not an empty seat in the house. 

They have a range of cocktails to start.  I am generally not a cocktail girl but tonight I was game.  I went with an Antique Kir which is made of pisco, elderflower liquer, sparkling chardonnay, blueberries and a lemon twist.  The taste reminded me of the upscale Polynesian restaurants I used to go to in Georgetown during high school, where they wouldn't card me, and we would eat pupu platters and drink yummy cocktails.  Actually, quite delicious and refreshing.  Mine is the tall yellow one.  The others are a Lolita and I believe a Sazerac.

I had the special appetizer that night.  A mixed green salad served with grilled calamari.  Quite flavorful, a little heavy handed on the vinegarette but just tasty. 

I tasted my friends lemon-cured duck leg with pickled jalpenos and mustard greens.  This was outrageous.  Delicious. 

Also tasted the brook trout ratatouille tart.  Interesting savory tart.  Quite good and a beautiful presentation.

For dinner I had the duck.  A crispy sliced duck breast served with marinated rainbow chard and tarragon roasted potatoes.  I am not a huge fan of tarragon but the duck was perfect. 

Others had the Striped bass with an almond lime pesto.

And pea risotto with asparagus and bok choy.  The color alone is a reason to try.  All good.

Roasted tomatoes and
On the side we had roasted cherry tomatoes and a goat cheese sabayon.

Marinated asparagus with a farmers cheese. 

The desserts were amazing.  Dark chocolate and cherry ganache with a streusel crumble and fresh fruit.  Wow. 

The lemon bar with a graham crust, fig compote and lemon creme fraiche made me wonder who the hell the pastry chef was.  Amazing.

The chef is Wes Long.  The food is delicious.  The vibe is great.  The service is a tad slow but regardless I am looking forward to my next visit. 

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  1. Walshann

    You never mention price, that is a factor for most of us humble folk. I like the sound and taste of this place

    1. Gotham Gal

      Check it out on their website. I don’t recall it being too expensive

  2. Walshann

    You never mention price, that is a factor for most of us humble folk. I like the sound and taste of this place

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