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I was introduced to Amanda Steinberg, the brains behind Dailyworth from Howard Lindzon.  In January, I wrote about her as a Woman Entrepreneur of the Week.  When we first met, I was thinking the entire way while I was walking to lunch that this wasn't a deal for me.  Wrong.  Just had our first board meeting and am more excited about the company every day.  What really excites me isn't the simple fact that there is a huge market opportunity slanted towards women but the feedback we have got from the readers who signed up for our daily newsletter is incredible.  It confirms we are doing something right. 

I actually picked up the phone and spoke to Kristin McClement who wrote some serious praise for Dailyworth.  I asked her about how Dailyworth helped and inspired her.  She is doing her own taxes for the first time this year and that is big.  Dailyworth taught her how to get a grasp on her monthly expenses and take inventory of her finances.  Simple things that make a huge difference.  Dailyworth is a simple guide for taking control of your finances written in a very clever way that an average person can understand an engage in.  Some of the newsletters don't pertain to her but she has turned her Mom, her aunts, and her friends on to Dailyworth because there is information for everyone.  Kristin is an event planner and publicst for Macys NY. 

Here are a few other tidbits:

You are my favorite daily read.  I've taken so much advice both personally and for my business.  You have forever changed the way I think about money.

You content is stellar!

I really enjoy getting your daily emails. They are concise and short enough to read in about 30 seconds, very easy to understand, and always provide useful information. It’s exactly what I need to keep my mind on managing my money without being annoying. Thanks for your advice!

I just paid off my 22k credit card debt today! I have ZERO debt, personally and professionally. It's a huge rush, considering the last year was at almost 20%. I read your stuff in my inbox and love what you put out.  Just wanted to tell SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE that I have no debt!!     

Awesome and enlightening one – shows us how even with the best intentions, we can all fall for the oldest trick in the book.  Speaking of which…. i need to cancel my credit card insurance which I didn't even sign up for! Your emails do the job of making me feel responsible AND empowered to manage my money and to – yes, watch this — become wealthy.  Reclaiming wealth was one of the best articles I've read!

I am more educated on finances and can be a part of conversations now, rather than saying "you're speaking in a foreign language to me           

So if you haven't already, sign up for Dailyworth today! 

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  1. Christine Zehner

    just signed up thanks!

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Mwilkotz

    I love Daily Worth! Have been reading it for over a year and I don’t even live in the US, so most of it doesn’t pertain to me, but it is smart and well targeted and knowing you are involved makes it that much better.

    1. Gotham Gal

      good to hear. my guess is finances are finances no matter where you live.