Smorgasburg, the ever expanding Brooklyn Flea

I was fortunate enough to sit next to John Butler who is the brains and man behind Brownstoner at an event we both judged for ITP.  Not only did he start Brownstoner, John teamed up with Eric Demby and they are co-founders of the Brooklyn Flea.  An umbrella of the weekly market places around Brooklyn and they just added another addition to their every growing empire called Smorgasburg (nice play on the word).  As Brooklyn continues to be the coolest borough in New York they have curated a variety of communal low-key events for people to congregate at while eating and making a few purchases at every weekend.  They have also helped the economies of many food vendors by giving them a further weekly reach into the mouths of people.  A win win for everyone including Brooklyn. It is a re-do of the town square.

We started our day this past Saturday at Smorgasburg.  The first of this event.  Located in Williamsburg, on the waterfront, which is absolutely beautiful.  The good news for this area which is continuing to transform is that there will be a ferry service to the mainland (per se) starting this week.  For all those living the life in Brooklyn but have to make their way into Manhattan daily to work, this is a life changer.  The population has grown tremendously but the transportation has not made that leap.  This will be huge. 

After circling the event we did try a few things.  There are some areas that got seriously log-jammed and it would be worth making a shift next weekend on where each vendor resides.  Putting the high traffic savory booths next to some of the product driven booths will make for better flow and probably more purchases. 

Here is the sausage stand.  I would love to get one of these grills for my house.  Serious line here.

I love that Kickstarter has a booth.

What's a food fair without Porchetta?

Thrilled to see Hot Bread Kitchen there.

Of course elated to see Ricks Picks too.  The schtickle is a big win at this event.

Nice area for sitting. 

Lobster roll and Maine root beer from the Red Hook Lobster truck.  Really good.  Nice toasted hot dog bun.

I am a huge fan of the frozen banana dipped in chocolate.  Remember them as a kid on Catalina Island in California.  We had one dipped in chocolate and covered with sea salt and crushed almonds.  Yum.

Worth getting out there on a Saturday or any of the weekly events that the Brooklyn Flea puts on. 



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  1. Caterine

    This just made me so hungry… I never had frozen banana dipped  in chocolate. I do love banana and chocolate (who doesn’t) and I eat both a lot (too often)… I just feel like I’ve been wasting their potential my whole life : )

    1. Gotham Gal

      Today is a new day. Make it at home. Super easy

      1. Jonathan

        I was there on Saturday and it was amazing — not only the food, but the concept and execution. Don’t miss the CoolHaus truck up the street. A great ice cream sandwich truck from LA. 

        1. Gotham Gal

          Have had that ice cream. Yum!

  2. leeschneider

    Joanne, next time you are out there you should give a look at Slant Shack Jerky.  My brother-in-law and some friends started the company.  They’re doing really well, and the jerky is majorly addicting.  Oh, and frozen bananas (a la Arrested Development) are amazing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I saw the jerky out of the corner of my eye. Big fan of beef jerky ingeneral. Grew up eating it at a very young age

  3. Nancy

    I’ve been taking a quick spin through the Brooklyn Flea at this location most Sundays (yummy eats around the periphery there, too), but I didn’t realize that Smorgasburg had made its debut. It’s just blocks from my house — can’t wait to go this Sat.! I see a frozen choco-dipped banana in my future! Thanks for the heads up, Joanne!

  4. Jessamyn Waldman

    Hot Bread Kitchen was thrilled to see you at the Flea.  It is nice to finally have a Brooklyn outpost.